How to Sell On AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

Users can search, buy, install and manage applications, data, and resources needed by third parties for solution development and the operation of their companies sell on AWS Marketplace. AWS marketplace provides you with thousands of product listings from common categories such as security, network management, storage, machine learning, business intelligence, and database, as well as technological tools for managing and maintaining such solutions. AWS Marketplace facilitates tech licensing and sourcing of different delivery arrangements and deployment methods. AWS Data Exchange data products are now available on sell on AWS Marketplace

The Management Portal of AWS Marketplace is a website used for the registration and management of products sold at AWS Marketplace. The following duties will be fulfilled on the portal:

  • AWS Marketplace Sign up for trading.
  • On the Products page, submit new software products and update existing product apps.
  • Maintain track of query success.
  • Upload the latest application files to create and manage them.
  • Benefit from go-to-market activities to make incremental purchases of technology solutions.
  • Measure your campaign results within hours of arrival, including your promotional use and sales.

Begin as a Supplier

Check the specs and then proceed to the measures you want to sell the app as a seller in AWS Marketplace. Based on where you live and the kind of product you sell, different identity criteria apply. You can register as a seller on AWS Marketplace to sell on AWS Marketplace with an existing AWS account or create a new account. The AWS marketplace is linked to your chosen account. If you sell only free things, you do not have to give banking information to the AWS marketplace. To build and produce goods free of charge on AWS Marketplace, you must sell available fully functionalized production-ready applications.

  • Have consistent policies and organization on customer support.
  • Allow updated and bug-free applications.
  • Observe best practices and guidance as you sell your products on the AWS market.
  • Be a well-known AWS buyer who fulfills the terms and conditions of the AWS marketplace seller.

By registering for AWS Marketplace you can sell your products and services to other AWS Marketplace customers.

The below are the steps to become a seller:

  1. Create a public image – information about consumers such as their company name and logo can be obtained in AWS Marketplace. After you finish this process, you can sell products for free.
  2. Provide your tax history – In order to measure, report, and, where possible, exempt taxes on your sales you must include your tax and added value (VAT) reports.

Create an approach to the marketplace

Contracting AWS Marketplace SaaS allows an automatic, speedy procurement process that reduces time-to-value for AWS customers.

Your public listing is perfect for self-service customers. In order to serve your corporate customers, you can however provide a personalized offering throughout the marketplace and be more open in terms of source. Three programs are provided to help you achieve your goals:

  • Individuals Offers
  • Business Contracting Class
  • Channel Incentive Program

Final Words

I think that an AWS Marketplace for AWS partners is a must, as you might be aware. You should link the product to your pricing page after you have produced a public listing, so prospects are able to purchase the product directly from the marketplace without the purchase procedure.

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