Sindhu Tai – A mother of orphans in Social Works

The Sindhu Tai (maai) is a well known name in Maharastra and other regions of the country. She is the famous social worker who running the orphan center in Maharastra. More than 1000 childrens live there and have study and food. As all have a saddest past, she also have the saddest and motivational past. From being married at 9 to being mother in law of more than 250 son in law and 50+ daughter in law.


Yes, you heard it right. She get married at the age of 9 to a cow man. His husband is too poor to fulfill her requirements and always beaten her. She got pregnant at 19 and gave birth her child in the gausala among cows. And after that she broke her birth pipe by stone. That is the time when she decided to become strong and give her 100% to her child anf her own life.
After that she wondering here and there and reached to railways station with her 10 days old child. She was bagging on station while singing and eat whatever she got with her mates and child.


Most of the time She cooked chapati on burning died bodies in night.she ate those chapati, also distribute them to orphans. She become maai when she found 3 children hungry and just about to die. She decided to do something for them and she started an orphan center. She bagged whole day and distribute all to children what she got. She is the real name of motivation and inspiration.
She got 800+ awards, 4 awards from 4 presedent of India. Now, there are engineers, doctors, business men, and many more in her orphan. She have own schools for poor child. She is the real name of bravery.

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