Talkspace Review: Our Honest Analysis of Talkspace Online Therapy

honest talkspace review

Before covid if i have to imagine someone to going therapy, It is like going to your therapist place, taking face to face session and all. Thanks to Covid, Online Therapy gained popularity and Make People understand about making mental heath priority.

Talkspace is one such online therapy platform that offers wide range of mental health solution with their professionals.

As people want to know each and everything about Talkspace before trying and want to confirm that they are investing in right place or not, We decide to Take a look on its service and make a detailed Talkspace Review.

so Lets get Started with Quick Talkspace Overview.

Note: This Article is not Sponsored and curated on basis of our Testing and Analysis. We, as a user tested Talkspace and noted some points. This Article is all about that.

Talkspace Overview:

Product Name Talkspace Online Therapy
Usability Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPPA Compliant Yes
Year Founded 2012
Price Starts from $65/ Week
Payment options Credit card or PayPal
Free Trial Available  No
Session Types Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging

Sign-Up Process of Talkspace:

1. To Start the Sign up Process of Talkspace, You need to fill You Email, Password and a Nickname to secure your identity. After This a verification Email will be sent to your provided email address.

2. After this you will be landed to a chat space where you can communicate with a consultation therapist or matching agent. He will ask you some questions like you age, what you do, and your health status and your requirement while choosing therapist for you.

3.After Completion of this process, you will be presented your matched experienced, accredited, and licensed professional.

4. Keep in mind matching time can vary up to 24 hrs according to Talkspace officials. With the help of matching therapist the sign up process will go very smoothly.

In case you are not liking the matched therapist you can always request to change your therapist. Then also a Matching Therapist will help you to match with other therapist.

What Make Talkspace Different from Others:

1. Talkspace Room

After you are matched with your therapist, you will be landed to a secure virtual therapy room. You can access this private Talkspace room on both mobile and desktop. The Most Interesting part is you can send message to your therapist 24/7.

To Receive Reply from your therapist , You may have to wait.

2. Choose a Therapist Who’s Right for You

Generally people face issue in choosing the therapist and sometime they end up choosing the therapist, they don’t feel comfortable with. Talkspace Got this issue and introduce a counselor therapist while your sign up process to make this process easy for you and solve all your queries about Talkspace for free.

3. You can Track Your Progress

In brick-and-mortar therapy, you can not find whether this therapy is working for you or not but Talkspace has this feature for you to track your progress since you joined the therapy.

Simply Go to “client journey” timeline, Here you will be able to see all your Stages of therapy. Once you make progress, you agree to new phase of your growth.

4. HSA/FSA Account

FSA accounts Means Flexible Spending Accounts and  HSA means Health Savings Accounts. By Using HSA or FSA Account for Talkspace, You will be able to use pre-taxed income that you have set for your health care and save money.

5. Guaranteed Response Time:

This feature of Talkspace is to let your therapist know that till when you are expecting your therapist response. just click on “Reply-By” button, you will be presented a time frame to let your therapist know that you’re expecting to hear back from them.

Guaranteed Response Time windows

6. Inbuilt tool to Help You Grow

Talkspace also provide many tools, where you will find guided meditation and exercise to help you reduce stress, self improvement, overcoming anxiety. Go to Your App Dashboard> Therapy Tools > Exercises to Find this.

Area Covered by Talkspace:

Talkspace has a team of 3+ years experienced professional, who helped you various mental health areas like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Relationships problems
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Trauma & grief
  • Substance abuse & addiction
  • Family conflict
  • Parenting
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management
  • Childhood abuse and More.

Talkspace Pricing & Plans:

During Sign up Process you will be asked to choose a pricing plan. there are majorly 3 Plan you can select any one of them according to your affordability.

Subscription Description Weekly Monthly Quarterly Biannualy
 Unlimited Messaging Therapy plus
  • Includes text, video & audio messaging
  • Therapist responds daily, 5 days per week
$65 $260 $708 $1248
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium
  • Includes text, video & audio messaging
  • Therapist responds daily, 5 days per week
  • 1 Live session per month (30 min each)
$79 $316 $852 $1512
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate
  • Includes text, video & audio messaging
  • Therapist responds daily, 5 days per week
  • 4 Live session per month (30 min each)
$99 $396 $1068 $1896
Couples Therapy Starts from $35/ Week $65 $396 $1068 NA
Teen therapy Credit card or PayPal $65 $260 NA NA

Talkspace Confidentiality & Privacy Concerns:

Whether you take therapy online and offline, Second Concern after affordability is “Is this safe to use”? Our answer is yes. Talkspace is Completely safe to use because they are very concern about user privacy.

All the user details are encrypted and therapist are abide to state rules that means they can not share your details to any one not even Talkspace don’t have its access.

However if you want to be extra careful you can a nickname while signup process, this way your actual data will not be shown.

If you want to check complete privacy policies, Click Here to Know.

Talkspace Pros & Cons:

Pros of Talkspace Cons of Talkspace
You can communicate via text messaging, video messaging, and audio messaging. No free Trial
A matching agent helps you pick the right therapist for you Sometimes answers from the therapist can seem less personal.
  • Affordable plans to meet your needs.
Therapist Response time can vary
Easy to use the app on iOS and Android. if you cancel therapy middle of month, you have to pay for complete month.
You can change the therapist anytime if current therapist is not a good match.
A Private Room to connect with your therapist 24/7
They Provide worksheets for better result

Talkspace Alternatives:

There are people who doesn’t find Talkspace useful or can not afford it. There are many other option also available if you want to try online therapy.

Betterhelp is the biggest competitor to Talkspace and more affordable than it. Betterhelp also provide 7 day free trial so before confirming any plan you can try their therapist and once your are sure you can continue taking services.

Final Verdict:

Talkspace is completely legit and worth to use if you want to try online therapy with some psychiatry advice. Because Talkspace do provide you medication to help you with the process while other online therapy services only focuses on counseling.

But if you think you only to someone to listen and guide you with what you are feeling then we suggest you to go with Betterhelp. They really did a great efforts in providing mental health consultation.

I Hope you find this Talkspace review helpful and It helps you make your decision Right.

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