10 Tips for Successfully Moving House

Tips for Successfully Moving House

Moving home ranks as one of the most stressful life experiences. Aside from the emotional upheaval, there are moving services to consider, timetables to be made, and even redecorating projects to undertake. Moving isn’t easy, but some simple tips will streamline the process.

#1 Plan in advance

Planning early is the key to success. This applies to everything from exchanging contracts to sourcing the best moving companies. Leaving these tasks to the last minute causes a stressful bottleneck and doesn’t give you any room to maneuver if something goes wrong.

#2 Get estimates

Moving house requires a lot of third-party help. You’ll need solicitors, home removal services, perhaps even locksmiths and decorators. Costs can add up fast, so always get estimates a long time in advance. This ensures that you can limit the costs of an already costly process.

#3 Declutter first

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter your life. Rather than taking everything you own to the new property, sort through your possessions and throw out anything that you don’t need. Don’t let sentimentality cloud your judgment. Think about what you’ll really need in the new house and toss away anything else.

#4 Switch utilities early

This is crucial. Sort your energy suppliers (gas and electricity) before you move house. This has the twofold advantage of ensuring that you have power when you move in and that you’re not on an expensive rollover contract.

#5 Make an itinerary

Planning ahead is certainly important, but so too is making a schedule. Draw up a timetable that details what needs to be done and when. This should span not just the day of the move but those preceding it.

#6 Enlist help

You’ll certainly have to pay for some heavy-duty helpers in the form of removal companies, but enlisting friends and family can make a massive difference too. They’ll help you pack, might offer to transport boxes, and could even be enlisted to pitch in with some painting and decorating at your new property.

#7 Take photographs

It might not seem immediately obvious, but photographs can be massively helpful when you install tech in your new home. Photographing tech setups, where different cables and plugs are placed and even how appliances are installed makes the process much easier.

#8 Label everything

This helps both you and the removal company. Label boxes so that you know which rooms to put them in, and be sure to mark fragile items. These will be handled more carefully, ensuring that they arrive in your new home undamaged.

#9 Make an essentials kit

No matter how effectively you pack your belongings, there will always be a few essentials that you’ll need on your first night. Pack these separately and transport them with you so that they’re ready to use at the other end.

#10 Leave doors open

This applies to cupboards, drawers – even the doors between rooms. On the day of the move you’ll need to ensure that you’ve packed everything. The last thing you want is to find out too late that you’ve left something behind. Keeping every nook and cranny of your house open ensures that you’ll always know exactly what’s yet to be packed.

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