Todos Santos Vacation Rentals

Todos Santos

Tondo Santos is an ancient village that prospered in 1723 but became a ghost town during the mid-1700s owing to drought. This beautiful village grew in the 18th and mid-19th century from sugar production. Sugar production lasted for almost 100 years. Profits derived from the sugar business served to construct some of the world’s most exotic buildings. After the sugar prices plunged after World War II and a severe drought, many people had no option but to abandon the beautiful village.

Tondo Santos Cultural Centre


The village has some gorgeous and relaxing beaches around.


The historic town has a local hospital fully equipped to deal with emergencies and a range of primary health care.


The town has different bird species. Visitors will be mesmerized by the other species of warblers and doves.


There are several surfing sites around the town.


There is an ATM in Hotel California; there are two banks in the towns with ATMs.

Rental Homes

There are several Tondo Santos vacation rentals available in the village. Some of the best rental homes include the following:

Hacienda Los Olivos

This is a kid-friendly hacienda that has four bedrooms, three baths, and a big lap pool. The hacienda stands in a piece of land near the town, and there is a beach nearby. Hacienda Los Olivos consist of four main constructions. The first building has a living and dining area with an outside barbeque grill, while the second one comprises two bedrooms. All the rooms have a high ceiling.

Serendipity by the Sea

These vacation rentals give a fantastic oceanic setting and feature a range of amenities, including a Jacuzzi, ocean viewpoints, and a large swimming pool. Serendipity is two minutes from the beach. Revelers and visitors can go whale and turtle watching along the coast. This rental vacation home is ideal for holding significant party events such as weddings, birthday parties. The hotel also provides catering services for large groups.

Rancho Pescadero

This is a perfect vacation home for people who want to rest and do some serious surfing. The place has a Jacuzzi and an enormous swimming pool where visitors can relax and sample the sumptuous meals served at the restaurant. Its location is one in a million, considering the seclusion and private serenity. Visitors can spend their time here watching dolphins or whale watching from the comfort of their beds.

Casa Cathy

This lounge is perfect for large groups. The kitchen gets fitted with basic amenities, and there is free Wi-Fi. It has two master bedrooms; each equipped with a king bed, a Jacuzzi tub, and a spacious shower. The choices here are almost endless; revelers can request massage and maid services so they can choose to be busy or laze around. There is even a private chef who is a phone call away.

Osprey San Pedrito

This beautiful vacation home sits on a raised area of the beach. This ensures that visitors can view the entire place; the tranquility and ocean video relax the atmosphere. It’s perfect for large gatherings such as weddings. It is said to have a fantastic climate with cool temperatures. The ocean provides a calm and relaxing breeze.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and immerse yourself in the experience of living among the locals as there are several options for Todos Santos vacation rentals in town and adjacent areas.

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