10 Unique Ideas to Personalise and Customise a Beanie


Beanies are eternal fashion. An array of beanie styles are available today, allowing both women and men to accessorise their outfits in several ways. While the beanie may be ordinary or plain, people can customise it to add their personal touch to it. Personalised beanies are not only trendy but also reflect the tastes of the individual. Here are 14 ways to turn an ordinary beanie into a unique and trendy accessory.


Several online stores sell merchandise badges that sport movie characters, book characters, comic characters or video game characters. Badges with quirky quotes and wordings are also available in these stores. People can purchase them and add them to the beanie for an urban look, which also speaks about the individual. Additionally, the badges could sport designs like mandala drawings of mythical creatures like unicorns.


Pins may seem similar to badges, but they differ on one aspect – shape. Badges usually come in shapes like circles or hexagons, but pins are outlines of the design itself. For example, a batman symbol pin would be bat-shaped or in the shape of the bat signal, while a badge might be round with the bat signal printed on it. Numerous online shops sell merchandise pins of sports teams, a university’s crests, and more. People are spoilt for choice when it comes to pins, and they can add as many as they want to a beanie for an artsy effect.


As the name suggests, an embroidered beanie sports an embroidery design on the beanie or the hemline. Many online retailers sell customisable embroidered beanies, allowing individuals to select a design or word to embroider on the beanie.


All types of beanies can accommodate customisation. The creativity of the individual is the only limit. People can add rhinestones, jewel stickers, glitter or sequins for luxuriant personalised beanies.


An animal beanie is a recent trend wherein animal ears are stitched onto the sides of the beanie, or the beanie itself is shaped into the animal’s head. These beanies are trendy among kids; for example, a beanie with kitty ears or doggy ears makes for a cute baby picture.


These beanies take animal beanies to the next level. The beanies sport a character (usually animated) from a movie, TV programme or game. For example, Mickey and Minnie Mouse beanies come with the famous ears and bow attached to the beanie, a unique ‘his and hers’ anniversary gifting idea.


Beanies are made from study material, allowing people to attach almost all kinds of heavy embellishments to them. A popular beanie addition is a layered fabric rose that can add elegance to a regular beanie. Another idea would be to add bows or other kinds of fabric flowers.


People can use fabric paint to paint on beanies; giving them a protective fabric paint coat ensures it doesn’t wash out. Several social media handles show DIY projects of painted clothes, shoes, and scarves, which extend to the beanie. A favourite theme seems to be nebulae or galaxies, which would be a mystical addition to any outfit.


Another recent trend for beanies is a small leather patch attached to the hem of the beanie. The leather patch usually has a year, symbol, or word engraved on it, adding a rustic, earthy charm to the beanie.


People wanting to add sophistication to their beanie can purchase ones with a small visor. They can add a linked chain with studs on either end just above the visor for a more regal look. This customisation best suits knit or slouchy beanies. Adding a ring or a standalone chain are also excellent ideas for personalised beanies.

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