20 Tricks To Reuse The Used Tea Bags

Used Tea Bags

Don’t throw away your used tea bags. They may still be useful to your skin. In this article, we will explain 20 tricks on how to reuse them. Everything is simple, brilliant, and effective.

How You Can Reuse Tea Bags?

1- Stop Bleeding

An old tea bag can also stop minor bleeding from, for example, a shaving cut. Apply it to the damaged area. The tannins in the tea will improve blood clotting and accelerate wound healing.

2- Get Rid Of Bruises And Bites

Use cool, damp tea bags to help treat bruises and bites. They are good at relieving pain and speeding up healing. So do not throw away your tea bags, save them for use later.

3- Overcome Skin Infections

Tea works well for conditions like conjunctivitis, ulcers, or herpes. It is enough just to apply a warm, damp bag to the affected skin, and the healing process will accelerate.

4- Use As A Mouthwash

A weak solution of tea (especially green or mint tea) is excellent for eliminating bad breath. It also helps to cope with mouth ulcers and stop bleeding from an extracted tooth.

5- Reduce Puffiness Under The Eyes

Chill used tea bags in the refrigerator and place them over your eyes. The caffeine found in the tea will reduce dark circles and puffiness, while antioxidants will help promote good blood circulation. Many people use it daily as a remedy to dark circles under the eyes.

6- Moisturize Dry Skin

The cold tea solution is great for dry skin. Apply it to a pre-cleansed face using a spray bottle or regular cotton pad. The effect of green tea will be especially noticeable.

7- Protect Cookware From Rust

Wipe down metal kitchen utensils with a damp tea bag. The tannins that are in its composition will protect the dishes from oxidation and prevent the formation of rust.

8- Use As A Seasoning For Pasta And Cereals

Try experimenting with the flavor of your favorite foods. Place the teabag in a pot of water, wait until it boils, remove the pasta or cereal and place it in the water. The finished dish will become more aromatic and acquire an unusual taste. Teas with additives such as jasmine or chamomile are great for seasoning.

9- Rid The Meat From Toughness

Not very soft meat will save the marinade from weak tea, to which you can add water or wine. Leave the product to marinate for a few hours. Tea will make the meat tender and give it a delicious flavor.

The regular use of these substances in food items can be addictive. So be careful with the use of wine and caffeine, you do not want your whole family ending up at an alcohol rehab center.

10- Remove Grease From Dishes

Dip the used tea bags in hot water and soak the dirty dishes in them – overnight the tannins will dissolve all the fat. The next day you will remove all dirt and harsh chemicals without any problem.

11- Clean Wood Surfaces

Re-brewed tea can be used to clean and polish furniture and floors. It removes stubborn dirt, gives the surface a shine, and even makes scratches less visible.

12- Use As An Air Freshener

Add a couple of drops of essential oil to a dried tea bag for a dry air fragrance. Considering that the bags usually have a string, there will be no problems with the “installation” of the air freshener. Once the odor has disappeared, you can drip the oil again and bring the fragrance back to life.

13- Clean Carpets

To remove dirt from carpets with used tea, you must first prepare a sufficient number of teabags. Store them in the refrigerator in a container of water to prevent spoilage. When the required number is collected, open the bags, and dry the contents – the tea should be slightly damp.

Then scatter the tea leaves over the carpet, wait for them to dry, and vacuum. Dirt and bad odors will disappear with them.

14- Drive Out Household Pests

Mice, spiders, and other insects don’t like the smell of tea. Place used teabags where they can be found and pests will leave your home. For more effectiveness, you can soak the tea bags with peppermint oil.

15- Remove Warts

A good way to get rid of warts is to use used green tea bags. Apply this cold compress to the wart for 15 minutes, then change the bag and hold for another 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure for several days. Soon the wart will turn black and fall off.

16- Soften The Skin Of The Legs

Warm baths with used tea bags will help even the rough skin of the feet. They will remove unpleasant odors, soften calluses, and nourish the skin making it smoother and softer.

17- Take An Antioxidant Bath

Tea contains many antioxidants, which heal the body and remove toxins from it. You can take a life-giving bath just by hanging the used bag from the running tap or by throwing it directly into the water. Besides, you can do inhalation facial baths – this procedure is also very useful.

18- Moisturize Hair

After using the shampoo, rinse your hair with a mild tea solution. It will moisturize and nourish your hair and will also speed up hair growth. It is very useful for skin health when applied on the surface.

19- Cope With Sunburn

A used tea bag is a great helper for those sunburned. To heal a burn, soak three black tea bags in a jug of warm water. Wait until the water darkens and reaches room temperature, then blot the solution on a soft cloth and wipe the burned skin with it.

Let the tea soak – do not rinse or wash it. Repeat the procedure if necessary. The next day, the burn will significantly weaken or disappear completely.

20- Take Care Of The Plants

Tea is incredibly beneficial for indoor and garden plants. The weak tea solution protects against fungal infections, and the dried tea serves as both a nitrogen fertilizer and an anti-rodent agent.

Also, old tea bags can be used as drainage for flower pots. Put a few on the bottom so that the earth will not spill out and the water will be able to flow freely.

Final Words

We can conclude that tea bags are effective both before and after its use. You can use any of the above ways to use tea bags for better skin health or solve other problems.

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