Turbo Mode in Slots Games: Should I Use It?

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Turbo mode is an option that is popping up in more and more slot games including Bigger Bass Bonanza. Some players wonder if it can be useful and what exactly it does.

What is Turbo Mode?

In some slot games, you may have noticed a small button above the spins button called turbo mode. It has a lightning bolt as it’s icon on the button and it is a new addition being used in a few brand new releases. Pressing this button will essentially make the reels spin even faster, providing the game a frenetic energy and ultimately giving the player much more excitement. Spins will take a much shorter time, this gives players more time to make more bets and spins! If you feel that turbo mode isn’t for you or you just want to use it for a few spins only, the good news is that it can be deactivated as quickly as it can be activated. All it takes is for players to push the button once more. 

Is it the Same as Autoplay Mode? 

Another option has started to be used more frequently by players, the autoplay option. Although there are clear similarities between the two, autoplay mode is actually a completely separate mode. 

  • Autoplay mode will, as the name suggests, automatically play the game for the play. Once a bet level has been set, the reels will continue to spin automatically.
  • Players won’t have to press a single button in this mode, they can just sit back, watch the reels spin and enjoy the game.
  • Autoplay mode can sometimes cause issues for players who max bet as they may find that they have gone through all their bankroll relatively quickly. It is important that players consider how much they are betting and how many available paylines there are before selecting the autoplay option.
  • It can be used in conjunction with turbo mode, meaning that players will have reels spinning even faster in autoplay.

Should You Use Turbo Mode? 

Turbo mode can seem very alluring to players but there are actually a few advantages and disadvantages that come with using this mode. 

  1. It Has No Effect on the Outcome of a Spin. Playing on turbo mode cannot influence the outcome of a spin so ultimately you are just choosing to play the game a little faster.
  2. Perfect for Players Who Spend Hours on Slots. Some players spend lots of time on slot games, using the turbo feature is ideal for them as it helps them to get through games a little faster.
  3. Speed Is Dangerous in Slots. Let’s face it, slots are a fast paced game normally. Using turbo mode may seem like a good idea but it can be even harder for a player to keep track of their bankroll when the slots are spinning faster than usual. 

In Conclusion 

Turbo mode essentially makes the reels spin faster, while this can ensure that a game plays quickly it can also be a very dangerous way to play as you will also find your bankroll disappear quickly.

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