What Is the Snake Diet and Is It Safe?

snake diet

In the world of diets many new diets courses have come and gone. The snake diet was the most disputed diet plan. This plan was introduced by Cole Robinson, who himself also followed the same. This plan is the same way as the snakes live in the universe. According to this diet plan you can eat a big amount of meals and do not consume a meal for some period of 1-2 days.

The snake diet plan is the fasting lifestyle that aids a specific time for eating the meals. This diet plan consists of a format of eating and then followed by the fasting for a particular period. This article will see the “Snake Diet Review”, and also is it safe to follow for the weight loss.

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What Is Exactly The Snake Diet Plan?

This diet plan, i.e. the snake diet is structured in such a way that the wild animals follow for their diets. It means that, you consume a huge meal at once and then fast for the full day or couple of days. The same way as the snakes follows for their meals, like snakes eat their full protein meal in a day and then doesn’t consumes anything for the next 22 hours.

While you are fasting after consuming your meal so in that period you can’t consume any type of food containing any calories. Only the thing you can have in the fasting period is the snake drink. This drink contains water, sea salt, sulfate salt, soda, and potassium chloride. This reloads your body electrolytes. This snake juice recipe was also introduced by Cole Robinson.

This snake diet cheers up for the proactively having the meal or consumption of meals. Robinson states that this diet is very much help full for the type 2 diabetes. But this claim of Robinson hasn’t yet supported any of the researches or surveys hence, it’s a controversial diet plan.

How Does This Diet Plan Works For Weight Loss

To start with the snake diet plan you need to fast for the first 48 hours. In these 48 hours you don’t have to eat anything or drink anything except the snake drink. After these 48 hours you can consume the low-carb or high-fat diet. This can include the vegetables without starch and also meat. The purpose of this plan is to bring your body into the metabolic state. This is also known as the metabolic state of ketosis, where our body rather than glucose uses the fat as it’s a big source of energy.

After the first round of diet for 48 hours the Robinson says that the second round is of 72 hours with the snake juice. But at this time you can also consume apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in it. These 72 hours Robinson suggests if you think you are not losing weight.

This snake diet plan needs to be continued in the same feeding windows as described above. Same as any other diet plan to lose weight this also reduces your weight.

Is Snake Diet Plan For Weight Loss Safe

This snake diet plan was not introduced by any medical professional or medical practitioner neither by any nutritionists, who have any researches to claim it’s safe. But this many of the individuals have been saying that they have experienced the massive weight loss.

Many studies have also stated that the irregular fasting might improve the body’s resistance to oxidative stress. This stress is an imbalance in the radicals and the antioxidants in the body.

This irregular fasting has shown that there can be massive weight loss and also improves gut health.

How To Start The Snake Diet?

If you would like to start with the snake diet, so beware about the claims for weight loss are unsupported. You need to follow the 48 hours fasting period with the snake drink and after that with the low-carb and high-fat meals in the diet. And then to be continued with more 72 hours fasting.

Conclusion: In this article I have tried to give more and more information about the “Snake Diet Plan”. If you guys want to start with this diet plan then I would like to suggest that you need to contact your nutritionist for this as studies show that it doesn’t support any researches to claim it’s safe.      

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