Here are 5 strong reasons why Karan Oberoi is considered as ‘Top male model’

indian model Karan Oberoi

The Indian modelling industry is not known to be an easy place to leave your footsteps. In India everyone dreams either to be a cricketer, Actor or model. Modelling in India has taken a different route in last decade, where because of the coming of social media it has become more prominent and given platform to many new faces, where young guys and girls are seen and often given a chance by modelling agencies. The digital modelling has also taken a new shape without which it is difficult to get recognition despite you have done lot of work as a model.

Even though millions enter fashion and fitness industry every six months, only a very few become known by name and become popular. In India we already have big names such as Milind Soman, Dino Morea, Marc Robinson, John Abraham and currently the one name that comes close to that kind of potential is Karan Oberoi model, popularly known among people as KO in the modelling industry because of his fitness that is unmatchable with any other model especially in India. Karan Oberoi has not only able to create a niche for himself butalso widely known and is undoubtedly notable personality. Karan Oberoi (KO) holds a title of top male model, and we shall be sharing 5 strong reasons why he should be considered as top
male model:

Karan Oberoi KO Indian model

1. Karan’s physique is not just great to look at but also attractive with very good skin quality and also proportionate which is very rare to find. Few of the models are very slim and some of them are really huge, in my opinion only his arms are little bigger which give him action hero look which is one more reason he can be an action hero too.

2. KO is a winner of many awards such as top fitness model, youth icon, best body and Mr photogenic face and world peace messenger, which in my opinion no other model has ever won.

Karan Oberoi (KO) image with baseball bat

3. While browsing many Instagram handles of popular models and Google search of male models, I definitely think his different personality and amazing style and dressing sense is rare to find, perhaps not at least in Indian subcontinent. His style and the way he carry himself is something to watch out for!!

Karan Oberoi closeup with blade

4. In India majority of models are not educated and doesn’t have good communication skills and therefore very much rare to find. Karan is double post graduate and he’s also an MBA, which is again a big exception as a model with good communication skills, which also gives him a top male model status.

5. He has something in himself that inspire people to be like him, which I saw in john Abraham and I am a big fan of him too. I can bet you go through his Instagram handle @thekaranoberoi to get inspired and get into fitness and start dressing like him!


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