You Can’t Blame Construction for the Trucker Shortage

Although at a slower pace, the recovery of the labor market is continuing. But in the trucking industry, the labor market outlook is very different—many big trucking businesses and companies that employ drivers for their trucks are struggling to find drivers for the trucks. These companies have announced an increase in the wage to attract more drivers. There are complaints that truckers are getting more money in other fields, so they are going to different areas. There has been an additional 4500 jobs in the trucking industry, but there has also been a down almost 5% from September 2019. The demand for truckloads is typically very high in the summer.

Where Are These Truckers Going?

It is believed that construction is one of the main reasons for the shortage of drivers. Yes, several truckers who are interested in other sectors are going into the structure. Almost 15% of truckers who were looking for jobs in other areas went into the building. But that number is still below its historical average. That is why the building cannot be solely responsible for the lack of truckers. So, where are these truckers going for work? Here are some of the reasons other than the construction for the trucker shortage:

Big Private Fleets

Construction being attracting many truckers for jobs still cannot be the only reason for the trucker shortage. There are other reasons, like private fleets, that are causing this trucker shortage. There has always been an attraction towards the private fleets among the truckers. Historically, private fleets have attracted an average of almost one trucker out of every four truckers, but the number of truckers going in the private fleets is much more than that.

There Are Other Jobs for Truckers

There has been a rise in other jobs that have attracted more truckers. Since some of these jobs are very recent, there are many job opportunities in parcel delivery, food processing, and warehouse work. Since these jobs offer more money than other sectors, these Jobs also have seen a significant migration of truckers. So it is hard to blame only the construction business for the shortage of truckers.

Lower Trucker Wages

Everyone works hard to earn their lives, but if one does not make enough, then how one is going to survive. Everyone should get the wages as per the industry standards; otherwise, workers will move to other sectors to earn fair wages. Lower wage is one of the main reasons for the trucker shortage. Truckers are getting lower wages compared to the industry standards. That is why some of these truckers are getting more attracted to other sectors. It is convenient to say that the construction business is the main reason for the trucker shortage, but the data tell a different story. There are other reasons like private fleets and parcel delivery for the trucker shortage. Warehouse work is also one of the main reasons for that shortage in the number of truckers. But even in this shortage of truckers, Trukkin is the company that provides you with the best logistic services. It is a UAE based trucking company that will give the best logistic service. It is one of the leading trucking companies in the UAE.

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