10 Ten Most Popular Pie Recipes Across The Globe

Hardly there would be anyone who has not yet tasted the delicious pies. This savory food is always worth to buy from confectioners in the fine pie boxes that are much appetizing. They are famous across the globe in various countries with a blend of taste and ingredients. Let’s know about their ten most popular recipes in the world.

Ten Most Popular Pie Recipes

Best Pie Recipes, from Classics to New Favorites

1. Georgia Peach Pie

These are the most famous pies in the United States of America and belong to Georgia State, which is famous for its delicious peaches. Local restaurants sell them in pie packaging boxes wholesale to keep them fresh and warmer for a better taste. This baked dish is prepared by filling its crust with fully rich flavored peaches. These peaches are taken locally from Georgia. After blending the sugar, salt, flour, and butter, the crust is made and is backed till getting a golden shape. Egg wash, butter, peaches, and extracted lemon juice are used for filling and is presented by slicing after getting backed fully.

2. Kreatopita Pie

Kreatopita is a famous street food as a snack in Greece, which is a popular country in Europe. This traditional food is presented in amazing looking pie boxes to keep the dough fresh. It is famous as meat pies because the filling base of thin phyllo dough gets prepared with meat.

With various shapes and little change in recipe, they are used in the whole country. Leaks, cheese, rice, and white sauce are the main ingredients to use as filling. Ground meat filling and covering of thin phyllo dough give an attractive look on getting ready to serve.

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3. Beef And Guinness Pie

The amazing beef and Guinness pies originate from Ireland. Beef and Guinness stew is a famous Irish dish which is quite popular in the country. Guinness beer is the main ingredient to prepare the sauce for this dish. A pastry layer is used as a base, and then beef and Guinness stew is placed over it and then covered with another pastry layer.

Different vegetables, including carrots, onions, aromatic bay leaves, celery, and powder of mustards, are used to prepare gravy as filling. Small beef cubes and some herbs are also used as the main ingredient. After putting all these fillings between pastry layers, they are baked slowly to get ready. They are then served to make the moments delicious and memorable.

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4. Meat And Potato Pie

Meat and potato pie is a famous dish in England, which is a hub of different nations and cultural foods. Various confectioners sell these amazing sweets in the UK in pie packaging boxes wholesale for a takeaway and dine-in meal, as their name is representing their basic ingredients, which are meat and potatoes with a soft and fluffy texture.

Onions, lamb beef, and potatoes are used as filling and then baked until the crust dough made of the floor gets a golden shape. Some more vegetables, including carrots, are also used for filling. They are quite tasty and are very famous in the UK.

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5. Pirog Pie

This enchanting and luscious dish is quite famous in Russia. It is prepared with both sweet and savory ingredients to bring a variety of tastes. Their yeasted dough is soft and thin enough to hold the maximum fillings. These fillings usually consist of both vegetables and fruits according to required taste.

In vegetables, mostly cabbage, potatoes, and mushrooms are used, while Apples, barriers, and grapes are also used as fruits. Fish meat is also a good filling in this popular Russian dish. Making them perfectly according to this recipe is considered an art in Russia. Their golden shape is always attractive when sliced to serve.

6. Quiche Pie

Quiche is quite a popular French pie which is famous for its versatile fillings. The crust of pastries is usually made a bit thick by putting various ingredients with high calories. Eggs, cream, and vegetables, including leek and mushrooms, and even see food is used in the crust of pastry.

Cheese is the foremost used ingredient to make them more delicious and easy to bake. It is traditionally used in various varieties at banquets and other formal parties. Everyone loves biting the delicious slices of it.

7. Sugar Pie

It is quite popular in the Quebec province of Canada. They are also popular in various other regions of the world, including the United States of America, France, and Belgium, the cockpit of Europe. In the food markets of these countries, pie packaging boxes wholesale is easy to see at every bakery corner having these amazing sweets in them.

Their specific vanilla flavor is famous across the globe. Maple syrup was used initially as a sweetener, but now sugar and various types of creams and butter are also used. It looks quite interested when topped with sweet whipped cream.

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8. Sfiha Pies

Sfiha is quite popular in Asian countries and Lebanon. It is quite popular in the whole Arab region for centuries as a traditional food item. This is a special dish of Lebanon. They are more famous because of an open structure for fillings. Chopped lamb meat is kept on finely baked dough.

Tomatoes, onions, and other spices are also mixed to prepare the topping. Yogurt and olive oil are also used in preparing toppings. Various garnishes are used with it to enhance the taste. Immigrants have spread this recipe in various countries of the world.

9. Patatnik Pie

This beautiful looking dish hales from southern central regions of Bulgaria. They are most popular in the region of the Rhodope Mountains and get originated from here. As from the name Patatnik, it is easy to analyze that this name is famous because of its necessary ingredient, shredded potatoes.

Onions are chopped and mixed with potatoes, mint, salt, and other local spices. Cheese eggs and chilies are used as additional ingredients to make the bonding of all ingredients stronger. They are backed then into the oven after giving them a required shape.

10. Erbazzone Pies

Just like beef and Guinness pies, they also prepared by placing the fillings inside two layers of dough. However, Erbazzone is less fatty and is savory in taste. They are quite popular in Italy and hales from the province of Reggio Emilia.

There filling is mostly prepared using several green vegetables, including herbs, leaks, chard leaves, and spinach. Lard dough is used in two layers to have stuffing of these ingredients. Most people love to have them as snacks with a fine Lambrusco wine.

These were ten amazing recipes that are usually seen in local bakeries with a beautiful presentation by using pie boxes. Making a take away from confectioners or making them at home can make your day quite awesome. They are famous across the globe due to their simple and delicious recipe.

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