5 best games to play in 2021

We are searching for new 2021 games as we approach the new year. So, it’s time to introduce new anticipated games to play in 2021. There are some fantastic games to play this New Year with your friends, family or any stranger. Today we will discuss some best games that you should play with your friends for fun or entertainment. Here we are going to discuss the most anticipated PC games to play in 2021.

Horizon: Forbidden West:

I love this fantasy game. In this game, some electronic dinosaurs are involved in a time set long after an apocalypse. This game is about the journey of a female along with a strong character. Keep this game in your playlist. We hope you will find the most satisfying feelings by playing this game.


The original fable game is a popular action game that reveals your action no matter how small some harsh consequence also involves in this game. This game follows within the Xbox community in which outcry makes a new entry. When a new entry announces from playground games after the cancellation of spin-off games, the series will efficiently keep on ice. After this, the next most incredible series will start with a new team. Here’s hoping 2021 will be time to express plans for where the series is going next.

Escape room games:

Escape room games will be an excellent option to play in this new year. Escape rooms are designers by some professionals who keep in mind all the essential aspects of making you entertained and excited. Escape rooms come in various themes you can opt for a horror or fantasy theme. In these rooms, you with your friends or family are locked and give you a time limit of 1 hour to find objects, clues and codes to escape these rooms. There are various renowned escape rooms like Fox in a box, and Wild Goose Escapes where you can go to have some adventurous moments. COVID-19 has made it difficult for all of us to meet up at an outdoor place. It is necessary to stay indoors and find some activity to keep ourselves busy and entertained during the lockdown. For this Online escape rooms are the best choice. Fox in a box chicago offers online escape rooms as well as traditional escape rooms. Wild Goose Escapes has 4 different online games to facilitate you to play from everywhere.


It is one of the best games for PC to play in 2021. It is a fighting game in which four-player competitors can participate. This game is a weapons-based game in which each player has 40 designated sets of weapons and can use them during the match.

League of Legends:

League of Legends is one of the best and highly played games available on PC. In this game, you play like a champion, a warrior with expert skills and mobility, and must cooperate with teammates to finish the opposing team’s base. Naturally, matches can become decidedly more difficult as you face tough competition and can last up to an hour.

2020 was not a lucky year for us. People have to suffer worldwide, but you can make your new year exciting and energetic by playing the games mentioned above.

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