AO Cooler Review: Pros and Cons of AO Coolers

ao cooler

AO cooler is widely considered as one of the higher-end soft-sided coolers on the market and for its good reason.

On top of that, Ao has lately rolled out the new hard-sided coolers that they have dubbed the Everest Series.

Finding the proper soft-sided cooler can be quite a challenge and sometimes it can freak you out trying to go through them one by one. Below is the lineup of Ao coolers

1.  Soft-Sided Coolers

Like other cooler brands, Ao has a variety of cooler types over the years. Currently, Ao offers classic coolers in the following series: Canvas, Vinyl, Hunter, and Carbon.  They also have a variety of backpack coolers, motorcycle saddlebags, and even hybrid soft-sided coolers.  Each series comes with its own unique traits.  We will go over some of the more popular ones below.

2.  Hard-Sided AO Cooler

Ao also recently rolled out their first line of hard-sided coolers which they have dubbed the Everest Series.  At this point in time, they are limited to 80-quart models.

3.  Great Mobility

Ao coolers do quite well in their ability to be effortlessly moved around.  Since they are made of lightweight materials and are also quite flexible it means that they can be suitably transported by just about anybody.

It can be stored under a car or boat seat, being tucked on the back of a motorcycle, or being inserted into a locker.

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4.  Easy to Carry

Virtually you don’t have to dread the hard plastic banging against your side or your knees while carrying, which can be a common annoyance when carrying a cooler around.  The fabric used is soft and much more shin and arm-friendly.

All AO coolers review have multiple carrying handles, which means that they are a breeze to transport.

5.  Variety of Colors and Styles

Looking for a unique color or fabric to stand out from the crowd?  Ao has pretty few styling choices which means that no matter what sort of aesthetics you are into the likely have a design that fits your needs.  Many people also consider them to be quite sleek as they don’t have a bunch of side pockets and features to take away from the core look.

Many of these look quite professional and would go well in a business setting.

6.  Big Range of Sizes

When people typically think of soft-sided coolers they picture small products that can only handle a few drinks or an individual’s lunch.

Ao breaks the style and offers a pretty nice range of sizes, from tiny bags all the way up to coolers that can fit 48 cans!  This means that no matter what your needs are there is likely a size that will work for you.

Keep Things Simple

You won’t find tons of gadgets and external pockets on these coolers.  The vast majority of the storage will come from the primary insulated storage area.  This is actually a bit refreshing because Ao knows what they need to focus on what areas to keep out of their designs.

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