Are physical companies still able to compete with online casinos and webshops?

Are physical companies still able to compete with online casinos and webshops?

While the online world is in constant development, many other working fields have come to a pause or even to an end. This isn’t an entirely new development, but something that started years ago and was kickstarted during the year 2020 due to the pandemic. However, what this will mean for the future of technology and your career remains an important question. We asked Mike of the Online Gokken Gids Website, a website with online casinos and reviews of slot games, what the future could hold.

‘Most tools for online casinos can be used for other businesses’

Mike himself has a career in gaming and online casinos for over ten years and at the Online Gokken Gids Website, he’s a website manager. On a daily basis, he researches slot machines, online casinos worldwide, and the latest specs used in developing online casino games. According to Mike it currently doesn’t matter in what line of business you are, as long as it’s online. “Most of the tools used at online casinos can also be used for other online games, shops, or businesses. You just need to know the right fit to yours.”

Triple the amount of visitors at online casinos

While most entrepreneurs and business owners of physical products or shops already complained about the online competition, their ships really seem to have sailed by now. An online casino has had triple the amount of visitors as their physical competition. Can casinos or other businesses even catch up with the online world again? 

‘The Online Gokken Gids website jumped in at the beginning’

“Of course, they can”, Mike states. “They do have to change their mindset. At the Online Gokken Gids website, we did that years ago when we saw the global rise of online casinos and the popularity of slot machines and online casino games. The first thing you do when you want to become successful is monitoring the trends: playing slot games at an online casino has been a huge trend for at least ten years. We jumped in at the beginning and created a business of online casinos and gaming reviews, but there’s still plenty of space left for newbies.”

Are slot machines and online casinos still hot?

While Mike emphasizes watching the trends is highly important, we wonder what the latest developments are now: is an online casino still hot? Are slot machines still popular or did this change? “Both: it’s still hot, but the market changed too”, Mike explains. “What we see at the Online Gokken Gids website is that many people look for online casinos, but want to have more information first: about the online casino, the slot games, the casino bonus and the reliability. We provide this information through reviews of online casinos and by testing slot machines. This business model doesn’t only apply to online casinos, but can be interesting for almost all fields of interest. The internet is a huge source of information that people look into, scroll over, and research. It’s endless.”

‘An overview like the Online Gokken Gids website still offers opportunities’’

Mike expects the upcoming period to be a period of revelation, but also one with chances. “Online casinos and business popped up like daisies, but people want an overview”, he explains. “And, this is exactly where you find the opportunity. People always want information that’s why we created the Online Gokken Gids website.” It doesn’t mean Mike and his team don’t know anything about online casinos and slot machines. The opposite: they know everything about it and share their knowledge of gaming, slot machines, and any online casino related item to inform people. “This way we don’t directly compete with online casinos and we established a connection with the online casino as well as our visitors. We know what the target audience of slot machines wants and can help an online casino to make their business more appealing.”

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