5 Best DIY To Say You Love Your Girlfriend The Most

In today’s era, anyone can buy gifts for their girlfriend, but doing an extra effort by making something unusual by yourself will surely make your special one feel amazing. When the gift is made by you, it carries a special feeling. It also shows your creativity and efforts to make your partner feel extraordinarily special.

As girls are soft and emotional, they get easily melted by a small gesture of DIY gifts because they know the value of handmade gifts. Not only handmade gifts are more fun to give but it is easy to personalize so that the recipient will come to know that she is truly being loved and thought for.

The Internet is flooded with a number of ideas for making handmade gifts. Let me pen down the six best and easy ideas to make gifts for your girlfriend.

DIY Gift Ideas for Girlfriend:

1. Explosion box:

You can make a handmade paper explosion box and add lots of elements to it. As it is very easy to make and catches lots of attention from recipients. You can make it in any shape such as a square, pentagon or hexagon. You have to use photographs that will capture attention and cherish old memories and will give a personalized touch to your gift.

You need to write some handwritten notes and messages in the box which will express your feelings for your love. And if you want to make this significant, you can add a ring in the middle which will definitely be loved by your girlfriend. You can enhance beauty by adding chocolates, ribbons, stickers etc.

2. Handmade scrapbook –

This is very common but trusts me this is the most classic gift which you can make with a very small amount of effort, and the results will definitely be amazing. You can grab any of the diary or scrapbook and start decorating its pages by sticking photos, stickers, chocolates, ribbon etc.

The scrapbook is popular because you can pour your heart into it, you can write small lines for her or a full-length essay. It’s all up to you. You can make it more interesting by making the pages remind of good memories from your relationship. You can do so much if you have a blank scrapbook in front of you, just be creative and start working.

3. Love letters –

This Idea comes from the ‘90s but this will surely make you win her heart. Also, handwriting letters have their own magic which can never be matched by texting.

You can write 24 love letters to her, write each and everything you like about her, what you don’t, make her feel special, say about the relationship, everything and make sure she gets every letter in every hour. This will be a memory for both of you for the rest of your life. She is going to preserve those letters like gold. You can accompany every letter with a flower. Valentine’s flowers online is a good option to check.

4. Handmade love box –

This is also a great option you can do for her with little effort. You just have to go on shopping and buy everything that she loves the most: chocolates, colours, makeup, food, clothes etc. And after that buy a beautiful basket and just adjust everything you bought into it with love.

You can surely mix and match things and priorities which she wanted the most and make a big hamper for her, which is customised by you. Now write a beautiful and sweet message just for her and keep it on the side table. Wait for the priceless reaction of your girlfriend.

4. Memory box –

This is something very much in trend nowadays, you can buy a box and fill it with all your pictures. Collect all the new and old photos, get them printed out and put them all in the proper timeline. Now decorate the box with ribbons and fairy lights and put the pictures in the proper timeline into it.

This box will act as you preserved each and every memory of your relationship and handed over to her on your special day. You guys can surely sit together and reminisce about the old days and wish the best for the future.

These are the 5 best and unusual DIY valentine gifts & birthday flowers for her, which you can give to her and make her happy.

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