Live a Positive Life and Follow These Simple Tips on Building Self-Confidence


Everybody wants to be confident and smart, but that doesn’t come naturally to anybody. Nobody is born confident. Improving self-esteem can be challenging, especially if an individual has experiences setbacks in the past. However, it’s not impossible, which is why we have brought to you some of the most powerful ways to improve your self-esteem quickly to start feeling more confident.

Stop criticizing yourself – We tend to kick ourselves over and over the things we do wrong, as compared to the things that we do right. Negative thoughts can very easily take hold of an individual. But the more you keep criticise yourself, the more you break your self-esteem. Think of how far you’ve come, besides the entire personal struggle in your life; appreciate yourself for every little achievement. Doing so regularly will bring positivity into your life, and you will find that you are proud of the individual you are becoming.

Don’t seek appreciation from others – Appreciation is one of the deepest needs of any human being. We want someone to tell us how proud of us they are, or how good we are doing in life, but we don’t always get that, do we? As a result, we feel what we have been doing is not good enough. So how does one make their selves feel better in such situations? It’s simple, don’t seek appreciation from others. Be the one for yourself who appreciates you. It should come from within you. Think of the days you thought you wouldn’t make it, but you did. Be proud of yourself that you made it. Respect yourself, admire yourself, and appreciate yourself.

Do compare yourself with others – Researchers found that people who compared themselves to others, experienced envy. Feeling envious can make an individual feel worse about themselves. It’s a vicious cycle, which is why you have to pay attention to times when you compare your wealth, possessions, skills, achievements, and attributes. It will erode your confidence in yourself, thinking that other people are better or have more than you have. Remind yourself that doing so isn’t helpful when you notice you are drawing comparisons. Life isn’t a competition, and everyone has their struggles.

Master a new skill – You increase your sense of competency when you become skilled in something that corresponds with your talents and interests.

Heal your past – Having unresolved issues and drama in your life can keep you trapped in low self-esteem. To help you heal the past, seek the support of a trained counselor, a friend or a family member, so you can move onto the future in a confident and self-assured way.

Read inspirational books – Reading inspirational books is a great way to gain more self-esteem. Start by reading something that lifts you and makes you feel positive about yourself. You can read the biographies of famous individuals. Reading how these famous individuals become who they are, their struggles, and their achievements will build a sense of motivation in you.

Accept your imperfections – Nobody is or will be perfect. Everybody has imperfections, and that’s just a part of being a human being. Accept yourself; love yourself the way you are with all your imperfections. Every role model you follow, every celebrity, all leaders have imperfections, but they do not let that conquer who they are.

Practice self-love –No one else, but you and you alone are the only one who can make yourself complete. You don’t need someone else to complete you, you are enough for yourself. Read books that you love, go for a trip, take pictures, go for long drives alone. During all these, you will realize how much you love spending time with yourself alone. Treating yourself with care helps in building confidence.

Let negative people go – If there are people in your life who are negative-who have nothing positive to say or who put you down or take advantage of you-do the smart thing and let them go. The only way to building confidence is to surround yourself with supportive positive people who admire you and value you.

Face your fear – The one thing that every successful person knows is that ‘success lies on the other side of fear’. Don’t let your fear of failure, conquer what you want to achieve. Life is a beautiful journey, so go on cry, fall, fail, again and again, face your fear but don’t run away from it. Nothing in life will haunt you more than the things you didn’t try because you were too afraid to do it. You will find success between your deepest desires and your greatest fears.

Building self-esteem takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not an overnight trick. Although the above-given tips may not solve all your problems, it will help you build your confidence to a whole new level. So buck up, and follow these tips to lead a better life, because you owe it to yourself.

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