5 Tips to Enhance your Vaping Experience

Enhance your Vaping Experience

Smoking cigarettes is so over-rated. Gone are the days when smoking cigarettes was considered acceptable. Not only is it wasteful but it doesn’t offer nearly as much pleasure as vaping. And since you can get vape juices without nicotine there is less chance of addiction. In fact, vaping does away with all the most harmful contents of cigarettes. There is no nicotine, tar content, or carbon monoxide to worry about.

I used to smoke cigarettes before I switched to vaping. Years ago, one day I decided to explore the internet and happened to come across vapes by chance. I was so intrigued by it that I decided to give it a try. So I ordered my first kit, and I haven’t gone back to cigarettes since. Who would have thought that I could credit my Frontier bundles for turning me onto it! Whenever I need to unwind after a long workday I can spend hours simply vaping.

Why is Vaping so Popular?

Unlike cigarettes, medical professionals have not yet found anything to suggest that vaping has any long-term harmful effects. But there is another reason why vaping is better than cigarettes. Vaping is fun. You can try out a myriad of exotic flavored juices. So you don’t have to worry about smelling like stale smoke ever again.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

If someone told you that you could improve your vaping experience would you believe them? Of course not, because how do you improve on something that is already perfect? Well, you would be surprised to know that these 5 tips can, in fact, improve your experience. So you can enjoy vaping to the fullest, every time!

  1. Be More Attentive to Your Juices
  2. Get a Good Kit
  3. Learn About Kit Maintenance
  4. Beware of Vapor’s Tongue
  5. Carry Your Kit in Style

#1. Be More Attentive to Your Juices

Vape juice is the most important part of the vaping experience. So it deserves your attention. You likely know that there are many different kinds of vape juices available. Which means that there are also different qualities of vape juices. And more importantly, there are different PG/VG ratios to consider.

Without going into details, a higher VG ratio translates to thicker smoke. Higher PG ratios translate to more intense throat hits. So you should decide which liquid gives you more pleasure. Thick smoke or stronger hit. And remember to try out more flavors. If you have found one that you like, that great. But if you have options, why not give them a try?

Lastly, you should remember to take care of how you store your vape juice. Long exposure to direct sunlight can ruin your juice. So it is better to store it in a drawer or cupboard. And of course, shake it well before every use. This keeps the juice at optimum taste levels for longer.

#2. Get a Good Kit

Generally, vape kits aren’t cheap. You can expect to spend up to $100 for a decent one. So make sure that it is going to last you long enough to justify the cost. How do you do that? Begin with getting a good quality kit. The internet has a review of just about everything. So do some research about the kit you like.

Also, remember that materials like plastic are a really bad idea. If the vape tank is made out of plastic or has a plastic lining/coating, try to avoid it. Some flavors can leave residue inside plastic which is near impossible to get rid of. Then they mix with other flavors when you change them.

To avoid all that, it is best to get a kit with a glass juice tank.

#3. Learn About Kit Maintenance

You should know that it is important to regularly maintain your kit. Not only should you rinse it with warm water regularly, but make sure there is no gunk left. Clear all the gunk from the kit before it settles. Also, remember to check the battery for gunk. And change your coils regularly as well. It’s not difficult to do.

When your coil gets crusty, it’s time to change.

#4. Beware of Vapor’s Tongue

Have you heard of vapor’s tongue? It usually happens when you continuously use one flavor of juice. The flavor settles on your tongue and then makes everything taste the same. While it’s not a health risk, and can easily go away by cleaning your tongue. It is annoying if it happens and you cant enjoy other flavored juices.

#5. Carry Your Kit in Style

If you have ever carried your kit in your pocket on the go, you might have had the juice spill out. That can ruin your bag or pants. So why not invest in a carry case. There are some really nice ones available. And they even have space for you to carry extra battery packs and juices.


For years people who wanted to smoke stayed away from it due to the health risks. Vaping has made it so that you can enjoy smoking without any of the health issues. Which is why my perfect Sunday afternoon consists of staying within my Frontier service area. So I can enjoy being lazy, watching my favorite TV show and vaping.  

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