History, Meaning and Significance of Tulip Flowers

History of tulip

Tulip flowers are capable enough to steal the eyes as well as the hearts of millions! Here in this article, we are going to introduce you the meaning and symbol of a tulip flower, which is very interesting and surely you never knew before it. Tulips are available in different colors and varieties, which represent different meanings.

The red color of the tulip is a symbol of romance and love. You can see this flower in different shapes and sizes, and this makes it unique. If you want to express your love feelings towards someone, the bouquet of tulips can work wonders.

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On the other hand, this flower is also the best gift for making your relationship stronger with your dear ones. In order to enrich the bond of love, send blooms through online flower delivery in Mumbai, and see the magic of this service. Now, let’s come to the topic and explore about tulip flowers;

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History of Tulip:

This flower is native to Europe, and Europeans give its name tulip. Tulip belonged to the Liliaceae family and found around 100 species and thousands of varieties. This flower mostly blooms in the winter season and is usually bright in color, which is found in bell and star shape that looks very attractive and woo anyone’s heart.

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But these flowers have bloomed; after some time, they expire and revert to their underground bloom. People also use tulips flowers on their turban with their attire. Nowadays, tulips are grown all over the world and one of the most famous flowers which people use in their decoration, gift and expressing their love feelings.

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Symbol of Tulip:

This flower is mainly associated with the meaning of love and romance. Because of its bright and different colors, tulips are the perfect choice for making your lover more special. The different colors represent the various meanings of appreciation, such as deep love, romance, overwhelmed with passionate love.

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You can get the perfect arrangement of tulip flowers at the online stores in an affordable range. Do you want to know the meaning of each color of the tulip flower? If yes, below, we listed the meaning of every color of tulips.

Red Tulip:

Red color is the symbol of deep love, right! So, if you want to express your deep feelings of love to someone special, you can choose the red tulip. This flower is also associated with the 10th anniversary that you can give to your wife on your 10th anniversary. If you have a long relationship with your girlfriend and want to let her know that you want to spend your entire life with her, then a bouquet of red tulips are perfect! 

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Yellow Tulip

This flower is associated with the feeling of hopelessness and jealousy in ancient time. But now, this flower is a symbol of friendship, warmth, and happiness. This bouquet is a perfect choice to give your friends to express the feeling of hope and care. Surely when your friend receives this yellow tulip bouquet, feel very happy and realize how much you love and worried about them.

White Tulip

This bouquet is a perfect choice for conveying the feeling of apology. So, if you want to say sorry to your loved ones, this white tulip bouquet, along with delicious cake is a lovely gesture from your side. Surely when they receive this token of love from your side, feel extraordinarily happy. 

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Pink Tulip

Pink tulips are considered as the symbol of happiness and confidence. You can give this flower to your friend on their success and when he/she got a new job as a congratulation. So, surprise your friend by sending this gorgeous bouquet on their achievement.

Purple Tulip

The purple tulip represents royalty and love. This bouquet is the right choice if you want to profess your love in a royal way. 

Now, you can pick the bouquet of tulips as per your choice and present to your close ones on their special days like birthday, anniversary, achievement, and many more. 

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