Protect Your Privacy on Android with the Fast App Locker

Protect Your Privacy on Android

Protecting privacy is a necessity and having a right way to secure your confidential data on your Android phone is bliss. Wondering how you can protect your Android device so that no intruder can look into your photos, files or not to miss your Whatsapp or other messenger chats? All of us usually prefer locking our smart phones but often miss locking apps and programs that can leak your confidentiality and privacy.

To lock your device, head to Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Screen Lock > Choose PIN/Password/Pattern. That’s how you can protect your privacy. But, other than this screen lock, it is vital to password protect the apps on your Smartphone that you regularly use. It includes messaging apps, banking apps, notes like apps etc. Android 9 or 10 offer built-in features to secure your Android apps from intruders. However, you can always use a fast and secure app locker application that locks your apps and secure your data within.

How To Lock Apps On Android?

There are two ways to lock your apps on an Android; one is using the internal device settings, while the other is using the best app lock for Android. We’ll be discussing both the ways here. Let’s proceed.

Way 1: Secure Your Apps on Android Using Settings

The latest version of Android offers users to lock their apps using the internal device settings. Here’s how to password protect or lock apps on your smart phones:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Locate Utilities.
  • Select App Lock.
  • Click on Add Apps and select the apps you wish to lock.

Note: The app lock here will ensure securing your apps with the same password, pattern or PIN screen lock you added earlier.

You can add or remove apps you wish to lock or unlock anytime. Also you can enable or disable Hide Notification Content using the same App Lock settings on Android.

Way 2: Use A Reliable App Locker For Android

Another method to protect your privacy on Android is to use a suitable and reliable app locker. There are numerous choices available for Android app lock with fingerprint or password protection and more. Here are disclosed the top 3 app lock apps for Android:

1. App Lock: Fast App Locker with Pattern & Passcode

App Lock

The best and most popular App locker for Android users. App Lock ensures securing your device’s apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat or more from prying eyes. This app locker is designed and developed by Systweak securing your device apps and data within a single-click.

Not only this, even you have multiple banking apps, photo galleries and more. To get started, all you need to do is Install the application from Google Play Store, Set a 4-digit PIN or Pattern, and start locking as many apps you want so that no one can easily open and access the important data on your device.


  • Ability to lock down just any app on your device.
  • Supports locking via Passcode & Fingerprint.
  • Simple & Easy-To-Use.
  • Mail recovery option, in case you forget your old Passcode.

Get It Here

2. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

Another amazing locker app for Android is AppLock. It is a fingerprint and password protected locker app that not only allows you to lock your gallery but also your social apps, system apps and more.

This is a light-weight app protector tool that offers real-time protection by monitoring the new installations and app updates avoiding potential risks. It aims at keeping your device safe and secure by capturing intruder Selfie when a wrong password is entered. Additionally, it offers notification cleaner, safe lock screen, live theme, message security and a lot more so that your privacy stays intact.


  • Uninstallation Prevention
  • Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
  • Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI
  • PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint lock.

Get It Here

3. AppLocker | Lock Apps – Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

AppLocker - Lock Apps Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

The last one on our list of best free app locker apps for Android is AppLocker by BGNmobi. This amazing application offers you fingerprint lock support along with password and pattern security ways. It further allows you to social media apps, messaging apps, gallery, contacts, settings and more.

Also, it prevents any unauthorized access protecting your device’s privacy. Furthermore, you get a chance to tweak your app locker with different themes with various color options, preventing uninstalling apps. The biggest advantage of this app is its amazing lock system settings that prevent any unwanted change by kids.


  • Lock your apps with a secure yet easy to unlock pattern.
  • Fingerprint accessibility.
  • Secure all sorts of apps be it messaging, banking, photos or more.
  • A bundle of themes and color options.

Get It Here

Final Words!

So, these were some of the best ways and apps to protect your privacy on Android. Be it your app’s data or photos or any other confidential data that’s there on your system. Make sure that you always password protect your social media and banking apps in order to prevent intruders entering your device data and further prevents data leakage.

This is how you can increase your mobile privacy and protect data on your Android. Which app do you find the best out of the ones listed above? Do let us know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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