5 Things You Need to Know About Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey

Hard drinks are undoubtedly the best kind of drinks and are preferred by many people. It is a variety available out there; the most confusing ones here are Bourbons. Many people don’t know what exactly Bourbon is and what makes it different.

If you are curious to know everything necessary about this fantastic and exquisite drink, then you have come to the right place.

What Are Bourbons?

It is a type of American whiskey distilled from a corn-based mash. A whisky’s mash must contain at least 51% corn to be classified as Bourbon. Furthermore, it can only be matured in charred new oak barrels, whereas Scotch whisky manufacturers have wider flexibility in selecting different types of casks.

Furthermore, the makers are prohibited from colouring their spirits with caramel, and all that can be added to them is water. It is a distinctive product of the United States as per the federal standards governing body.

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In a nutshell, all Bourbon is whisky, but all whiskeys are not Bourbon.

Types of Bourbons

There are quite a few types of bourbons available on the market. If you have a preference, you must know the differences to buy what you exactly want. Moreover, purchasing a drink online isn’t a cakewalk; you have to know things yourself because there isn’t any shopkeeper to guide you through.

Single Barrel

Because of the number of pieces of wood, char in the barrel, and conditions in which a barrel was aged later, flavours will vary from barrel to barrel within the same brand of single-barrel bourbons. Hence, the taste can get disturbed.

So, these bottles of bourbons come from a single barrel and are not blended with any others to maintain the flavours consistently.

Cask Strength

This drink is generally cut with water again for getting a distiller’s desired proof, but this particular type is not.

They come straight from the barrel; there tends to be a spice-forward palette with notes of the burn and char from the barrel.

High Corn

This type is generally sweet and contains more than 51% of corn. Despite the sweetness of the flavour, these Bourbons are not to be mistaken with corn whiskey, a particular kind of whiskey.


In this type, wheat is used as a secondary ingredient in the mash bill by the distillers. This results in a less spicy, tangy, and flowery flavour. These Bourbons are nutty and velvety smooth on the palate (phrasing).

High Rye

Corn, barley, and rye are the three main constituents of Bourbons in general. Traditional recipes call for about 10% rye, although this type of Bourbon goes more than that to get a more robust, spicier flavour.

The bourbons are a delicious and classy drink; you should try them. However, if you buy them online, make sure that you are well informed and buy from a reputed site.

Now that you know so much about this drink, hope that you will face fewer issues.

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