Tips on How to Write a Strong Conclusion for Your Essay

Write a Strong Conclusion for Your Essay

By the time you are writing your conclusion, you have done all the work. One can almost argue that there is nothing new that the conclusion will add to an essay until you discover that it affirms or dilutes your discussion. Good conclusion examples available online indicate how the few paragraphs or sentences will determine your ultimate performance. You also can buy essay uk as the best writers will take care of writing conclusion for your paper.

The conclusion defines your finishing power. All other efforts could matter but your conclusion will tip the scale to your favor or against you. Here are excellent tips on how to write the best essay conclusion ever.

Refer to the Introductory Paragraph

Go back to the beginning to see what you had promised your reader. The introduction paragraph raised questions that were to be answered in the body. The conclusion is wrapping up this discussion, especially highlighting whether you have found answers.

A reference to the introductory paragraph will result in a positive, modified, or negative conclusion. You will affirm the assertion you made in your opening statement, modify these assertions, or negate them. Once you build a nexus between the introduction and conclusion, you bind the discussion in a way that makes sense.

Summarize Your Main Ideas

The summary helps the reader to recollect his mind and ideas in a few words. You referred to the main ideas at the beginning of your paper. You later discussed them at length in the body. Mentioning them in the conclusion reminds the reader what the discussion was all about. Mention them in summary, including the conclusions arising from each idea. You also use the conclusion to connect different ideas into a singular concluding phrase.

Appeal to Emotions

It is time to make your point. Do not hesitate to appeal to the emotions of the reader as you push your point. The appeal adds weight to the discussion, especially because the reader can make other conclusions. Use words that will make the reader identify with your point of view instead of any other alternative.

Be Logical

Do not force a conclusion. The ideas drawn from the literature review and the data presented must tally. A logical conclusion is based on verifiable information already presented in your paper. If the evidence or literature review points in a different direction, you must recognize the divergence. This will make you a genuine scholar. A biased conclusion will weaken your argument. It might also be discounted by other writers in future essays. Forcing conclusions damages your scholarly reputation.

Make It Brief

Make your conclusion in the least number of words possible. It is not time to add new information. Summarize the main points as you conclude from the facts presented. It should take a few paragraphs to conclude.

Make a strong and clear statement in your conclusion. The statement is guided by your topic and thesis statement at the beginning of your paper. A person reading through your conclusion should see the entire essay flash past his eyes or mind in a few minutes and draw the most logical conclusion.

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