Top 5 Upcoming Smartwatches 2021

best upcoming smart watch

Contemporary, the current smartwatches have become more than smartphone’s extension; that is because of their standalone and unique wearable technology. Some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and more, are working to meet the needs of the markets.

Besides, there are many upcoming smartwatches. But, each generation has to outperform its own earlier iterations. The upcoming releases aim to have the latest versions to be the best among the rivals in the market

If you need an upcoming smartwatch, here are the 5 best watches to look:

Best Upcoming Smartwatches of All Time.

1. Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi has already revealed to release its Xiaomi mi watch officially. Although, there is no set date yet on when this upcoming smartwatch will get a global release.

It is the first watch we shall receive from this company. This Chinese version is expected to be a viable alternative to the top smartwatches out in the market.

In terms of the design, this smartwatch features a 1.78-inch AMOLED display and a 43mm square face. That helps to display a solution of 410 x 410p with a 326 pixel-per-inch of pixel density.

Moreover, the smartwatch carries a typical Wear OS load-up screen. The moment you turn on, the four colors will start as dots that ends forming a logo and prompted to continue in Chinese.

Although this wearable has some similarities with Apple’s watch, it has managed to outlast in battery life. With a 570mAh battery, it lasts you 36 hours when you continue to use even under LTE enabled.

2. Oppo Watch

Oppo Watch

Oppo watch is another upcoming smartwatch in the market. It’s not long since this wearable was released. It was on March 6, 2020, when the brand released its first smartwatch series and a later announcement about its new flagship Find X2 series. The launch is serving to be among the OPPO’s strategic steps on the IoT field.

The smartwatch comes equipped with a 3D flexible hyperboloid display and a 46mm screen. The series is incorporated with Watch VOOC Charging tech and Dual-Chip Endurance System that helps in shortening charging time and improving battery life.

Moreover, the watch has health & fitness tracking and inbuilt cellular connectivity. That is why it is a representation of a stylish way of living creatively, healthily, and more freely.

The watch also comes with excellent features such as 4.5mm aluminum frame, AMOLED screen, and a 3D curved glass crystal. There is more that this watch can offer. You can use it to track your heart rate and sleep.

3. Montblanc Summit 2 Plus

Montblanc Summit 2 Plus

In the luxury watch market, Apple hasn’t flattened unlike it does with other devices. Despite many efforts, it has, there are other brands that are satisfying customers’ needs on a budget smartwatch. Some brands such as Montblanc, Frederique Constant, Tag Heuer, and others have advanced with smartwatches offering something more tradition.

Besides, we’re expecting the arrival of Montblanc summit 2 plus. The smartwatch is expected to add LTE on its mix, boost its battery, and also make other few changes. Although, it is held back because of the high price but using an aging chipset.

The summit 2 old versions, the smartwatch components we’re squeezed into a unisex 42mm case. But, the coming version, summit 2 plus, will bump into a new design as the smartwatch will come with 43.5mm and 1.28-inch AMOLED display.

The good advantage is that this new summit 2 plus is running with a 1GB of RAM with the latest version of Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. Although, that is not an added feature because the old version is running on the same version.

4. Apple Watch Series 6

The expected time release of this new upcoming watch should be late 2020. Although, there has been much rumor about this smartwatch.

It is expected that this smartwatch will be switching into a new screen type. With the old model, Apple Watch Series 5, the smartwatch came with an OLED screen. Although, this series 6 is expected to use a microLED screen.

An added advantage of using microLED is because it is expected to be power efficient. That means that the new series will come having a better battery life.

Besides, it is also expected to have an addition of a fingerprint scanner feature. The current version doesn’t have biometric security, but with a scanner might be a slick way to satisfy customers, loyal customers.

Another thing that might be expected is that the smartwatch might have the company’s software on board. And that is expected to be named watchOS 7.

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3

After the Samsung Galaxy 2, here comes the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3. It is expected to lack in a few months. Although, there’re few things leaked and rumored about this elegant smartwatch.

Not much has leaked about this upcoming version of the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The other version had been released some months before, in August 2019.

The wearable is expected to come equipped with an aluminum and stainless steel version. The colors expected are black, silver, or gold. Although, the stainless steel model will be available on gold and silver options.

Leaks are also pointing to arriving with different screen sizes (40 and 44mm). The battery is expected to be bigger of 330mAh where the old model has 247mAh for the small model. The larger model will have a bigger battery.

One thing that makes it outstanding is the storage. You can store your music from the expected 8GB of storage. That has doubled the previous old version with 4GB. And there is much more to expect from the coming version.

The Final Words

If you want the best upcoming takeaway from the article, then Apple watch series 6 might be your choice. It won’t be a budget smartwatch, but from what the company is known to offer, it is expected to be feature-rich, gorgeous, user-friendly, and extremely reliable. That is according to the fact that it has to outdo the previous series 5 version.

Besides, there are other irresistible smartwatches on the list. They are equipped with excellent features. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a stylish look, a sample of the wearable, or track your fitness. The upcoming smartwatches are wearable to keep an eye on.

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