Understanding the Entourage Effect: How THC and CBD Work Together

Understanding the Entourage Effect

The United States saw a 71% increase in to $18.3 billion in 2020.

Americans have been using THC and CBD products to create a nearly endless list of benefits. These products can improve symptoms of anxiety, pain, depression, and neurological disorders.

They can also be used more traditionally to create a more relaxing or psychoactive experience.

But what if there was a better way to combine these compounds so you can experience a greater effect? THC and CBD both have the potential to improve many ailments but sometimes have negative side effects.

However, the entourage effect could use the powers of both of these compounds to provide a more positive experience for people. Here is how the entourage effect works and how you may be able to use it to your advantage.

What Is the Entourage Effect?

Many people prefer THC, while others prefer using only CBD, but the full potential of CBD and THC are unlocked when you use them together. The entourage effect is what you feel when combining these powers.

Natural compounds found in CBD can create a sense of calm or improve medical issues like inflammation. Consuming THC can improve a myriad of medical conditions and is creates psychoactive experiences.

Some people benefit from THC use, but then may feel some negative responses such as anxiety or overstimulation as well. Using CBD and THC together can provide a psychoactive experience without any negative responses.


To understand the entourage effect, you need to have an understanding of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant family includes both marijuana and hemp.

THC and CBD are the two most well-known cannabinoids, but you may have heard of others like CBG, CBN, or CBC. Cannabinoid receptors in your body interact with these cannabinoids to produce different effects in your body.

When cannabinoids are combined, your body’s receptors will react differently to the different combinations. The amount of each compound will also play a role in the reaction.

How Do Ratios Play a Role?

We already know that consuming both THC and CBD compounds can result in a more positive effect. But how do you know which combination will work for you?

Taking note of the ratio of THC to CBD that you are consuming can help you find the right combination for you. CBD can help with anxiety that some people experience with THC. Experimenting with different ratios will have different effects.

If you don’t feel anxious or overstimulated with THC, a 1:1 ratio may enhance your experience. If you do feel some of the negative effects of THC, however, you may want to experiment with five to ten times the amount of CBD compared to THC.

What’s the Best Consumption Method?

Using CBD and THC together can unlock the full effects of the compounds, but how you use them can alter the effects as well.

Smoking is the most traditional way to absorb marijuana THC and CBD. Smoking sends the compounds directly to your bloodstream almost immediately and then to your brain. The compounds then reach your receptors.

Consuming edibles through candy or a pre filled syringe may give longer-lasting results, however. When you consume an edible, it is absorbed by your stomach and then metabolized by your liver.

The compounds are then converted, creating a longer-lasting effect. Experimenting with different ways to consume your CBD and THC is another way to see how they affect you.

What About Terpenes?

Terpenes are another critical aspect of the entourage effect. Different plants including fruits and cannabis contain terpenes, which are fragrant compounds. Common terpenes include citrus scents that come from fruit or the smell of fresh pine from a tree.

Not only do terpenes provide refreshing aromatics, but they also can alter the effects of THC and CBD. For instance, pinene, the terpene found in pine needles, rosemary, and basil is also found in some cannabis strains.

Pinene has been found to remove some of the short-term memory loss that is sometimes associated with cannabis use. If you enjoy daytime use, including a strain with pinene may help you stay more clear-headed.

Limonene is another terpene found in many cannabis strains and other plants. It is an additional way that can potentially reduce anxious feelings associated with THC. Experimenting with different types of terpenes can drastically alter your experience.

What’s Next?

You may have noticed a common theme. Experimenting with different combinations of cannabinoids, ratios, and terpenes can alter your THC or CBD experience.

People have been using Cannabis sativa plants for millennia, but there is still so much to be uncovered.

With marijuana being tied up in legalities over the years, researchers have been able to do limited studies. However, as steps towards legalization are increasingly made, more studies are being done.

With these studies, you can expect to learn more about how different cannabinoids interact. Researchers will also be able to study more about the effects of ratios. With almost endless types of terpenes, there is much to learn.

The entourage effect can be powerful, but as more studies come to light, more of its full potential will be unlocked.

The Magic of THC and CBD

It is clear that the combination of THC and CBD opens a new world of possibilities for both mental and physical health. Despite being used for years, new revelations will be realized in years to come.

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