Your Garage Door: Repair or Replace?

Garage Door

Did you know June is also Garage Door Safety Month? It’s no surprise considering around  by a garage door every year.

That’s why it’s critical that you understand when to repair or replace your garage door. You don’t want to get hurt by a faulty door after all!

Learn the signs you should call for repairs or when to invest in a new garage door for your home.

Automatic Garage Doors Stop Opening

When your automatic door doesn’t open, it could simply be a matter of replacing your battery in the remote. However, if that doesn’t fix it, you may need a repair.

Often the problem is easier to fix than you might think, and you may not need to replace the door yet.

The Door Feels Heavy

If you go to open your garage door and it feels heavier than usual, it could be an issue with the springs. These springs help lift the door, assisting the motor with opening the garage.

Worn springs won’t be able to hold the weight of the door as well. Thankfully, this is usually a matter of calling a professional to install new springs.

Your Garage Door Is Tilting

When partially closed, is one side of the garage door lower than the other? An imbalanced garage door is fairly common and can indicate a problem with the springs again. The problem with an imbalanced door is that it puts undue stress on the lifting mechanism.

Calling for a garage door spring repair can remedy the issue. A garage door company will send a professional to replace the springs and rehang the door.

A Damaged Panel

Depending on the severity of the damage, a single damaged panel is easy enough to replace. However, ignoring a damaged panel can cause the situation to worsen, which may necessitate replacing the entire door.

A small crack or peeling paint is easy enough to repair. Damage to the entire door, or damage that affects the structural integrity, is a sign you should replace the garage door.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

What counts as serious damage? When damage to the garage door means it no longer works like it should, such as opening and closing, you should replace it. Additionally, you should replace rusted and warped doors.

A broken or warped door doesn’t keep your garage safe from the elements or from thieves.

If your garage door is getting old, which is usually between 10-20 years, you should consider replacing it. A more modern door is safer and can add curb appeal to your home.

Don’t Wait to Fix Your Garage Door

Waiting to fix a garage door can result in injuries, so don’t put off repairs when you notice an issue. Use these common warning signs to guide you. If your door is badly damaged, getting old, or simply won’t work right anymore, it’s time to replace it.

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