7 Unique Items for Gifting that You can Personalize with Photos

The year 2020 has been an event like no other! We spent over half of it, locked inside our homes, practicing physical distancing. However, that’s a thing of the past, and as the world adapts to the new normal, majority of us are looking forward to celebrating all the occasions we missed last year.

Celebrations bring an array of opportunities for exchanging gifts. Like the current trend, personalized gifts are the best options currently available. Customized gifts can be of various types, such as personalized printed merchandise, customized canvas prints, and everyday use items such as cutlery, chopping boards, and watches.

Yes, we understand how much you want to personalize those meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Therefore, we have curated a list of the top 7 unique items to personalize with photos for gifting.

● Clock

Clocks are one of those items that we do not even think about twice, before gifting it to someone. They are an absolute necessity in any household. Gifting a watch with some pictures printed from the best times of your life is a fantastic idea for a personalized gift. It can represent a personal connection and also add to the everyday life of the person you are gifting.

● Throw Pillow

Throwaway pillows make perfect canvases for personalized printed pictures. These items are small and available in nearly all types of budgets. You have the option of printing one image on it or multiple photos in the form of a collage. Throw pillows are excellent for your loved ones whom you want to give a part of you to hold literally.

Throw pillows, unlike the name, are some of the most useful items that provide you with proper cushioning. However, you can also use them to throwback to some of the best memories of your life. Further, you can gift it to a loved one with a picture of the two of you printed. As this item is not a pocket buster, you do not even have to throw a lot of your money away for this fantastic personalized and sweet gift.

● Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are rewarding, they can give a sense of accomplishment, and are very engaging as well. As the name suggests, photo jigsaw puzzles are personalized jigsaw puzzles with pictures of your loved ones or photographs from the significant moments of your life.

Personalized jigsaw puzzles are available in many different sizes and shapes. The variants are divided by the number of pieces that are there in the mystery. You can use a personalized jigsaw puzzle for gifting to have an exceptional and close time with your loved ones and solve it together with your partner to reveal the two of you’s picture in the best moments of your life.

● Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are not only confined to fridges; you can stick them to any metal surface of your choice. A personalized fridge magnet comes with a printed photo of your choice with a magnetic back that you can use to stick it to any metal surface. This item is excellent for decorating your house and bringing a little extra spark to your appliances that you use daily.

You will be surprised to find out how often these little things bring a smile to the person’s face when they suddenly see them in the middle of a typical busy day. It is also relatively cheap and can be afforded even on a tight budget. The small size of this product can be perfect for you if you are planning a surprise.

● Wedding Guest Book Canvas

The wedding guest book canvas is one of the best-personalized gifts that you can present to newlyweds. These canvas prints come with an image of your choice. It generally involves an image from your engagement or wedding ceremony. Further, you can also use these presents as the perfect gift for your wedding, where the guests can leave their own personalized messages to the couple who are getting married. It can be significant to the couple as well as the people who are invited.

Kind words from your loved ones on your wedding occasion are a beautiful gift that you can look back on over the years and cherish the sweet memories of your wedding day. Wedding guest book canvases are available in different sizes, and you can customize them to hold a single image or a bunch of them. They are also available at various price points and are quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

● Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints have printed pictures on a canvas of the size of your choice. You can use canvas prints to decorate the house, and they are one of the best ways to frame your memories for a very long time. Canvas prints have become a trend for a gift for their excellent quality, personalized value, and affordable price points.

The best online basketball canvas printing is available at very affordable prices with great regard to the canvas’s quality and picture print. The delivery of a high-resolution image for the best quality of the print is necessary.

● Personalized Coffee Mugs

To end this list, we are going with one of the best tried and tested examples of items that are best for customizing. The personalized coffee mugs are one of those items that made personalized gifts famous today. They are very cheap and are available almost everywhere around the world.

It is a very safe and useful gift that has stayed popular through time because of its usefulness and simplicity. A personalized coffee mug can be printed with a single photo or a collage of images as well.


Gifting has lots of emotions attached to them. Gifts are a way to show your love and care, and support towards a person. Personalized gifts respect and nurture that love, maintenance, and support that defines the experience of gifting.

Gifting is one of those things which gives joy to us even if we are not the ones who are receiving it. So, when it comes to your loved ones, nothing is off-limits to put a smile on their face.

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