7 Ways To Develop Creative Thinking Skills

Develop Creative Thinking Skills

It’s not just artists, writers, or musicians who need to think outside the box. This skill is useful to any of us. Without a creative approach, it is impossible to come up with a breakthrough idea, create something unique, or find an original solution to a problem.

How To Develop Creative Thinking

Creativity is valued in the modern world. Therefore, you must learn to stimulate your creativity if you want to be effective and successful. You can start with the following simple steps.

1-  Set A Quota Of Ideas

Train your mind daily. Set a quota of new ideas per day for your job. For example, if you are working in dissertation writing services UK, think of five different topics for writing per day for one week. You will see that it will be most difficult to come up with the first five ideas, and then they will come to mind on their own.

Try to keep your quota, even if the ideas that come to your mind seem ludicrous or far-fetched at first glance. The quota should not prevent you from generating more ideas. 

2-  Feed The Mind

Creative people read constantly. In this way, they feed the mind with fresh information and new ideas. The brain, without self-feeding, eventually eats up itself.

When reading, one must necessarily think. Look for fresh solutions to old problems, unexplored ways of working, new development trends, technical innovations, connections, and develop an association between what you read and your problems.

With the book in hand, try to spell out its contents in advance (think about what you can find in it before you read the table of contents). This can be a useful exercise in developing your imagination.

3-  Push The Boundaries 

Sometimes it is helpful to disrupt the normal course of things. Try to program changes in your daily life. Make a list of what you are doing in a once and for all routine. For the most part, it will include small actions that make life comfortable and enjoyable.

Then take a list of habits and try to consciously change them one by one:

  • Change your road to work
  • Meet new people
  • Try new recipes
  • Change the type of stay
  • Visit a new restaurant
  • Take a bath instead of a shower

4-  Pierce The Filter Bubble

The information we receive from social networks and search engines on the Internet is filtered by algorithms that try to offer what, in their opinion, we need. 

The filter bubble makes the world seem simpler than it is. This is convenient – but also incredibly dangerous for creative thinking. It’s like surrounding yourself with friends who will only tell you what you want to hear.

Pierce your filter bubble! Buy a newspaper or magazine that you usually avoid. How is their vision of the world different from yours? Check out the blogs of strangers. Swap out some of your favorite sources of information for a couple of weeks.

5-  Go Out More Often

The mind is like a plant blossoming in one soil and withering in another. As soon as you feel stagnant or bored, go to the store, library, museum, market, or park.

Pick any object at random and try to establish a connection between it and the problem that interests you. Walk around, look around and wait for something to grab your attention. It will certainly happen.

6-  Practice Your Flexibility Of Thinking

You must consciously work to make your thinking more fluent and flexible. Fluency is measured by the number of thoughts that come to mind, and flexibility is measured by how creative those ideas can be.

Psychologist J.P. Guilford, a pioneer in the study of creativity, believed that doing certain exercises could help develop fluency and flexibility in thinking.

One such exercise is making lists. Try to think of 5 ways to do an assignment’s question. The obvious ideas will come to mind at first, but then you will surprise yourself! And you won’t have to rely on any assignment help UK; your brain will be trained to come up with creative ideas to do the assignments on its own.

7-  Try To Find Subtle Connections

Get in the habit of collecting and storing interesting things and use them to stimulate your imagination. Look at a container (coffee can, shoebox, desk drawer, or file folder) and observe it. Come up with different ways to describe it in five minutes. It will surely give you some fresh ideas!

Final Words

Creativity is what every task requires these days. Without it, you won’t be able to survive longer in this era of fierce competition. Therefore, follow the above methods to unleash your creativity and put up with the competition.

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