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Asian Drama, a term combining the two heads of the same subject, is not only about Chinese or Japanese Drama but has been there since ancient India. Indian Diaspora has given birth to many Asian story lines, which are interwoven into our modern story lines like no other. The theme of all such stories is love and romance. Most of the times it is depicted in the shape of love marriage between prominent characters. A recent love story movie that did quite well at the box office was the As You Wish Love Wedding. You can watch out Korean and Asian drama series on kissasian.

Asian drama, while not being limited to the south east Asia or even Asia as a whole has a long tradition in the west called the Modern World. With the coming of the Industrial revolution in the industrialising nations of the east, the south east was converted to a cheaper labour force in the west, which started the process of decolonisation.

South Asia was economically backward and remained so for decades. A new political history was dawned with the growth of democracy in various parts of the world and the rise of the industrial revolution. In the west the term industrial revolution was used to explain the rise of the so-called Third World economies.

With the end of the First World War the economies in the west began to boom and so did the demand for so called third world countries such as those in the east. At that time, Asian drama had emerged as a popular genre with theaters all over the world playing out the different kinds of love stories, war movies and marital comedies.

Chinese dramas

Chinese dramas are some of the most popular plays that ever came out of the country. Chinese drama artists like Huang Qi and Li Bingbing played a major role in formulating the modern Chinese national mythological drama. Some of the most popular shows include The Jade Pearl, Gone with the Wind, Li Bingbing vs The Jade Emperor, Memoirs of a Woman from Fujian, The Flowers of Thunder Dragon Gate and Romance of the Three Mothers.

Today, as long as you are online, you can easily find Asian drama download websites and cast your own online casting calls. The internet has opened up a whole new world for us to explore. We no longer need to travel halfway around the globe just to experience the beauty of another culture. We can stay right at home, log on to our computer and download any Asian drama we want without worrying about paying a huge sum of money to see a good show. It is indeed a win situation for everyone.

There are many examples of early modern Chinese drama. You can go through some of the earliest examples like the Romance of the Three Mothers, the Spring Festival, the Boxer Rebellion, the Great Migration and the Shangri-La. You will be amazed by how early westerners were able to translate the early Chinese literature into what we call today as Asian drama. If you are not able to read the original works, try out the world wide web and look for Asian drama downloads that you can watch free online.

If you love watching Chinese movies, try looking for Sankoh classics in the Asian film industry. The great Chinese director who brought us Killer Bee Movie andacus aside, Jiaflixian is another well-known Chinese director who has created Chinese movies that are truly worth watching. His recent movie The Man Without A Nail was made available for worldwide audiences via Asian drama downloads.

If you are a fan of Chinese theater and love watching Chinese plays, then look for a website that offers you access to a large database of Chinese plays and films. Usually, the service will charge a nominal fee to access their database. But once you are done with the download, you can start enjoying all the amazing Chinese drama that these sites have to offer. Most of the online theaters are very accommodating to downloading or streaming Chinese plays. As long as you have a broadband internet connection, you can download any of your favorite Chinese plays and films.

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Click the links below to find Asian drama downloads that you can watch now! You can also read comments about the websites and other information about Asian dramas by visiting their blogs and discussion boards. In the meantime, learn more about Kabuki, Chinese opera and Japanese drama, drama cool by visiting their websites now.

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