Top Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021


If you come up with a great mobile app idea, that is not a smaller feat. But shaping the same app idea into a successful app reality is more challenging. Since there are more than  5 million mobile apps already making competition very tough for every new app, building a new success story with your app requires a meticulous approach in every aspect.

Now coming to the app development, developers should pick their technology stack wisely to create the app. If you are building a cross platform app that delivers great native user experience for each platform, you are on the right track. Flutter is arguably the best cross platform development framework that delivers uncompromising performance and user experience across all OS platforms.

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Flutter is not just a framework or library but it is also a robust toolkit that offers several key tools addressing all development needs in a cross platform app project. When you Hire Dedicated iPhone App Developers  for your mobile app development project, it is important to get an idea of their knowledge on the Flutter tools.

Top Best IDE & Tools for Flutter App Development in 2021

Here we are going to explain the top 10 Flutter development tools that developers in 2021 and beyond will find helpful.

1. Panache

Panache is already trusted by more than 40 million Flutter app developers. This awesome tool is widely preferred for building aesthetically appealing, beautiful and well equipped themes for cross platform development.

The best thing about this robust theme engine is that it allows developers to customize the theme as per their specific project requirements. There are hundreds of ready to use themes as well for the developers to download and use in their projects. On top of everything, the tool allows reviewing the code as well.

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2. Codemagic

Codemagic is a flutter development tool that was basically introduced as the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) solution for all apps built with the Flutter framework. When you hire Flutter app developers from India, you will find this as the most popular solution in almost all development companies

Codemagic ensures maintaining authenticity of the code besides allowing smooth development and implementation.

Codemagic also offers awesome benefits of automating the development process, smooth app testing, and smooth app release to the mobile app pipeline. All these ensure faster time to market and seamless app launch. The tool also allows easy unit testing and also testing the apps in actual devices.

3. Appetize

This is one of the most popular flutter developer tools that allows running native apps in the browser. The tool is really helpful for providing customer support, app Demi’s, training, app testing, etc. Many leading brands such as Shopify and Telus rely on thus tool.

Another key aspect of Appetite is that it is extremely easy to use and you can use the tool to upload the app through a website or just through API. The tool helps with easy and smooth streaming. A lot of app development processes simply gets streamlined thanks to this tool.

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is another frontline Flutter development tool which is widely used for development, debugging, version control and several other key tasks in an app project. The Visual Studio Code is actually an open-source and free code editing suite created by Microsoft for all web and desktop apps across Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Some of the key capabilities that this tool offers include smooth completion of code, highlighting syntax, debugging for cloud and web apps, refactoring of the codes, snippets, embedded GIT, etc. On top of everything the tool is extremely lightweight and comes with a smaller memory footprint.

5. Android Studio

This is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for all android app projects. Apart from this official pedigree, Android Studio is equally regarded to be one of the top flutter app development tools. Android Studio supports app projects across all leading desktop platforms as well such as ChromeOS, Windows, Linux and macOS.

The tool offers a robust visual layout editor to keep things going smooth on the design front. It also offers a set of advanced features such as a speedy emulator, a dedicated APK analyzer, a robust and intuitive code editor, a highly flexible system for app builds, etc.

6. Test Magic

Test Magic is basically a free mobile app tool widely used for app testing and app distribution of both beta Android and iOS releases. Thanks to this flutter development tool, it becomes easier to incorporate the CI/CD builds, easier establishment of connections across devices and distribution channels.

To ensure optimum outcome and to ensure smooth app functioning, the tool also allows collecting feedback accompanied with screenshots. The tool can also be used along with Codemagic and several testing devices to make provision for profiles.

7. SuperNova

When it comes to the app design, SuperNova is a great tool in the Flutter ecosystem. This is the tool to help with fixing of fonts, colours and various components all through an app project. The tool also helps smooth collaboration across design teams as well.

This is also an awesome tool that easily enhances visibility through integrating DesignOps and DevOps besides offering support to many designers for working across diverse design environments.

8. Adobe Plugins

The Adobe Plugins allow Flutter app designers easier UI/UX collaboration and a lot of design capabilities to shape the app with sophisticated interface. The tool allows easier sharing of app designs, incorporating voice interfaces, creating UI for games and websites, etc.

The tool also gets the power of creative cloud from Adobe and this helps in transforming text, images, vector art and micro-interactions, within the app design prototypes. Adobe XD supports design efforts in both Windows OS and macOS.

9. Firebase

Firebase is widely regarded as the leading Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) tool for Flutter projects. Created by Google, Firebase is already popular as the source of backend support for countless Android applications. Firebase offers features such as authenticating code, machine learning modules, crash reporting, real-time database,  and several others.


Obviously, there are several other equally powerful Flutter tools that deserve a space in this listing. Anyway, the rich set of development tools offered by Flutter can easily be grasped from above.

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