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All about Ship arrest in Bangladesh

Due to frequent movement and transport activities through seawater, ship arrest is a popular practice in Bangladesh. You can now and then hear about the ship detainment in Bangladesh province due to multiple reasons. Common reasons for ship arrest in Bangladesh are due to security reasons, ship arrest due to action rem, maritime lien, or claims related to cargo on board. 

Admiralty court pertains to all rights to arrest a ship in any of the above scenarios.

Ship arrest in Bangladesh is relatively cheap as the jurisdiction does provide you a 7/24 access and counter security. It remains the most convenient choice for those who wish to take a resort for the admiralty law.

Foreign ship arrest in Bangladesh

Do you know that ship arrest laws are also applicable on the ship from other countries arriving the water borders of Bangladesh? It means that the foreign ship can retain their ownership until they go into the rem.

Ship arrest in Bangladesh for a maritime lien

Many entities claim the Maritime Lien and get the ship arrested if the ownership gets transferred; the claim resides with the ship’s change of ownership. In cases of a Maritime claim, it is impossible to arrest the ship is the owner does not change.

What is the time and process of ship arrest in Bangladesh?

There are a few essential documents that you need to submit while filing a suit for ship arrest in Bangladesh:

  • Power of Attorney from the client, which is attested and notarized by the Bangladesh High Commission.
  • Permission of filing the lawsuit gets sanctioned by sharing a scanned copy from the power of Attorney but only after getting the authentication from Foreign Affairs Ministry and stamp duty payment.
  • Every document should be in support of the claim.
  • After you get the receipt of all vital documents, it takes 48 hours to arrest the order.
  • You can send the original documents and file them at the time of trial.

Final words

You can select the right law firm for ship arrest in Bangladesh to release your ship most easily. They can also help you to avail the claims and bank guarantee to avail coverage for costs and interests. With some online search, you can select the best law firm to help you deal with the ship arrest issues in Bangladesh.

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