Decor Ideas For Different Occasions and Events

Decor Ideas For Different Occasions and Events

If you love hosting parties for your dear ones, birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, dinner parties; then you are constantly browsing for ideas. The decoration is significant for the ambience and feel. As a party host, remember not to overdo the decorations because it will look gaudy. Keep it light and pleasing to the eyes. According to the occasion, you can pick on the items to decor. Try to give your personal touch and always bring out a creative element. Make sure the colour of the decor is going well with the event.

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Pro Tips For Decorations

  • Whatever is the event, start by thinking about a theme. Theme-based decorations are quite popular, and it’s easy to do that way. You get an idea of what to put up as decor. 
  • Fresh flowers are always great for decoration. Flowers complement every event and theme. Even for birthdays, you can incorporate flowers as centrepieces. 
  • Tabletop decorations are functional and fun. You can have vases, table runners, DIY centrepieces that go with the theme.

Impressive Table Ideas

Always set the table for food and desserts. Instead of just placing the things on the table, do it in a very systematic way. Go for a tablecloth, table runners, napkin holders. Let your presentation be pleasing and not cluttered. Remember the rule of table presentation: forks on the left, and knives on the right. You can also put both on the left side. As a cake is mandatory for every celebration; make sure you present it pleasingly. After receiving your online cake order in Jaipur, display the cake on a cake stand or glass cake box. 

Decor Ideas For Events and Festivals:

1. Birthdays:

Birthday parties for kids are always fun. From barbie to superhero to pool parties; you can choose any birthday theme for the kids. There are various ways to make the birthday parties stellar for the kids. They like all things playful, sweet and savoury. Theme party ideas: 

  • Bring their cartoon characters to life by placing big cutouts, hiring someone dressed as their favourites, balloons and colourful decorations. 
  • If it’s a sweet 16th birthday of your princess, go with a princess-themed birthday party. Pink could be the colour of the decor. How you can do it: 
  • Pink foil balloons, buntings, and flowers 
  • Have a photo booth and props like tiaras, sunglasses, wigs, and quotes. 

For the 16th birthday party of a boy, choose a superhero theme or poolside theme. Make arrangements accordingly. Plan some games that go well with the theme and indulge the kids. For the pool party, have water games. 


2. Anniversaries:

Intimate setting for anniversaries are best. Use accessories as a means to talk and progress your hearty feelings. Hues of red and pink are the colours of love and romance so incorporate it in the setting. Some ideas for decorations are: 

  • Rose petals
  • Fresh Flower Bunches and Bouquets. Preferably Rose 
  • Paper hearts. You can paste single hearts, hearts in strings or in buntings
  • Frames of Love, XOXO, Be Mine, Forever
  • Bucket of Champagne
  • Towel Ducks

3. Dinner Dates:

If you are hosting a romantic dinner date for your partner or lover; make sure the decor is uplifting and stimulating. Install dimmers to control the brightness and use yellow lights instead of white.  

  • For yellow glow, invest in scented candles and fairy lights
  • On the dining table, have a vase of fresh flowers 
  • Floating Helium or foil balloons

If you are hosting a family dinner party. Keep it simple. Deck the table with cutlery, candles, and flowers. Use subtle colours for the decorations.

4. Weddings:

Floral wedding decorations are the highlight of the year 2021. It would not be wrong to say that weddings and flowers go hand in hand. From marigolds to baby breath to foliage; depending on the theme and time flowers can be chosen. Other than flowers, you can go with these items. Create the ideal wedding set-up that is dreamy for the couple of the hour and guests. 

  • Drapes
  • Lights
  • Candles
  • Paper Lanterns and lampshades
  • Statement Chairs and cushions
  • Props and photo booth 
  • Signage board

A bit of creativity, inspiration, and do’s and don’t of decor is what you should know to create fairytale decor set up for every celebration. In our best capacity, we have guided you about all we know.

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