How to Monitor Your Mobile Apps Usage


If you think you are spending time more than needed on your Android device, then it is time to use best phone usage tracker apps. These smart apps help you monitor your app & overall phone usage to save time. Let’s review some of these apps here.

Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps:

1. Social Fever

Social Fever offers an interactive solution to help you check mobile apps usage and total time spent on your Android device. You can use this smart app to set interests which you love to spend time on when you are not using mobile. You can set goals for each app on your device and set maximum usage time for individual app.

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With real time tracker you can set and track app usage in real time. It offers you detail history of phone usage so that you can optimize your time for more productive tasks. This advanced solution also helps you keep your eyes and ear health intact. Here, it sends you alerts when you spend long time using ear phones or spare time staring at device screen. It also sends you water reminders to keep your body hydrated.

2. Screen Time

Use Screen Time to track phone usage effortlessly. This smart app consumes very limited space on your device while offering most advanced features. You can use it to monitor daily and weekly app usage to optimize your overall phone usage.

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It allows you to set maximum app usage time and sends you alerts when you reach maximum limit of set usage limit. In addition to locking certain app after specified usage, you can even white list most important apps on your device such as messaging apps, calls, etc. It provides overall app usage history on daily and weekly basis for better management.

3. My Phone Time

My Phone Time helps you control your phone time to help you invest it in more important things in your life. It offers detailed analysis of app and overall phone usage to help you decide optimum phone usage. You can set and track daily goal of app usage and block the most distracting apps effortlessly.

Thus, no more notifications from these apps and no more distraction. It even allows you to white list important apps to avoid any trouble. With detailed analytics report, you can segregate time for important tasks on your device. Additionally, you can monitor your progress on the phone lockscreen at a glance.

4. App Usage Tracker

The next best app to track phone usage on your Android device is App Usage Tracker. It offers detailed overview of all apps that are in use and apps that are remain idle and could be removed to recover valuable storage space. It offers advanced mechanism to monitor apps that are in most use and could be limit on usage.

It sends you alerts about app over usage to save you time. You can even disable tracking for certain apps such as SMS, calls, etc. It allows you to export usage data for easy reference.

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5. StayFree

StayFree offers intuitive solution to keep tab on mobile phone usage. This highly rated seld control app helps you avoid NOMOPHOBIA and helps you optimize phone usage. Here, you can easily add apps for tracking and get detailed outlook on app usage. It sends you alarms when app is used over then set time limit. Furthermore, it allows you to export usage file for future reference to manage mobile data usage.

6. YourHour

YourHour is trusted by over a million users around the world. It offers tailored and most accurate results to help you optimize phone usage. It supports multiple language options to help users around the globe. Furthermore, it sends you personalized challenges to help you beat smartphone addiction.

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From its interactive dashboard, you can check and monitor app usage easily. With phone usage data history, it defines your phone usage behavior to help you deal with over usage. It offers clock timer to help you check app usage in real time. You can use this powerful app to view and manage phone usage effortlessly.

So, these were 6 best screen time tracker apps you should use on your Android device to optimize it for best usage. Do try these apps in year 2020 and share your experience in the comments below.

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